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AIT 5XX "Hoplite"

"I can assure you, there is no better vehicle for the Army in the 12 Worlds than this one. It can go from Langford to Northrop in 8 hours on a full tank, and carry a full section of squaddies, plus equipment and 48 hours rations."   "Yes, but how much does the thing cost?"   "I can also assure you that it's worth its price... of 3.5 Million Cheques each."   "Deal."
— A supposed conversation between two representatives of Ferdinand Holwitz AG., and the UC Army
The "Hoplite" Armoured Infantry Transport (AIT) was a First and early Second Great War era Armoured Infantry Transport in service with the United Commonwealth Army, Marine Corp, and allied ground forces' mechanised units.
The "Hoplite" was the successor to the earlier AIT 4XX "Legionnaire", and was a marked improvement in the eyes of its users, especially owing to its increased armament. While the Legionnaire was entirely weaponless, aside from a single machine gun, and relied purely on mounted infantry, the Hoplite Section variant came equipped with a fully stabilised 20mm autocannon turret, augmented with two "Fletcher" Armour Penetration Missiles .   The Hoplite also cames in multiple variants, tailored for specific tasks. These include:
  • The Section variant, mentioned earlier. This was the most numerous variant, and it has the capacity to carry a full Rifle section of 7 soldiers, as well 2 PAT missiles. Codenamed AIT(S)
  • The Command variant, which had its main cannon replaced with a fake barrel, to make space in the turret for antennae, and its passenger compartment filled with a communication suite and map display area for a units command staff. Codename AIT(C)
  • The Artillery Observation Post variant had its main gun replaced as well, with a Target Search and Ranging Sensor (TSRS) system taking the guns place. This variant also has a significant communication suite, connecting it to the Artillery unit it is attached to. Codename AIT(O)
  • The Armoured Combat Repair Vehicle, which had its turret removed entirely and replaced with a large crane to help repair a vehicles power pack. Its engine was also expanded, allowing the vehicle to tow a trailer carrying almost any large vehicle in allied service.
The vehicle would serve throughout the First Great War, and in parts of the Second, until being replaced by the Mark VI "Phalanx" AIT.

Power Generation

Holwitz 10 Foxtrot Cylinder Engine, 600 Hp

Armor and defense

Legionium plate,with more modules applied as desired.
3,475,000 Cheques.
26 Tonnes
80 Km/h on road, 60 km/h off road
Complement / Crew
3, Driver, Gunner and Commander

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9 Dec, 2021 10:31

I'm left with a need to know more about the particular details of the unit, e.g., more about the PAT missile (what it expands to or preferably a link to an article/a stub/a tooltip), Target Search and Ranging Sensor (another tech I would love to know more!).   I love that there are 4 variants to meet the specific needs of the clients and in the end generate more income.   Overall, a nice article with a potential spiderweb of ideas.   Thanks for a good read.

Playing around with words and worlds.
9 Dec, 2021 11:32

Thanks for liking and commenting! About your queries, the PAT stands for Personal Anti-armour, Transportable. The Transportable refers to it being small enough to fit into a vehicle, with it's larger sibling being the PAH, or Heavy.   I hope to expand further on those other things as well, soon. I'll place them in this comment so you can see it.

9 Dec, 2021 15:04

Splendid! Thank you for that! <3

Playing around with words and worlds.
10 Dec, 2021 10:05

Here you go, the article about the missiles!