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The Mar'Leniso are a race of flower-like beings from southern Allcan.

Basic Information


The bodies of the Mar'Leniso are made from vines stretching out from a flower like head forming a humanoid shape with 4 limbs

Growth Rate & Stages

Mar'Leniso begin as sprouts but around 3 years old their roots wither & die & the Mar'Leniso is free to move

Additional Information

Average Intelligence


Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male names: Chesmu, Posyan, Conth, Fleraleme, Flior
Female names: Tulili, Hysya, Posmé, Haiza, Hysala
Unisex names: Tulowe, Angem, Lydaflio, Cilysi, Dalean
Surnames: Drosya, Pemumume, Calidande, Pameonal, Pysyseaff
75 years
Average Height
1.6 M
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Mar'Leniso petals can be any colour

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