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Arvennians are a humanoid species from Arvenno's Domain, their bodies are made entirely out of stone. Male Arvennians can have green, blue or yellow crystals while the females can have red, purple or white crystals

Basic Information


Arvennians have 2 arms & 2 legs made of stone & crystals in various locations on their bodies, they have a mouth despite not being able to eat or breathe, they have no cells, blood, nerves or organs, in spite of all these facts if they are stabbed where a vital organ would be in a human body they will die as if the organ exists within their own bodies

Genetics and Reproduction

Arvennians reproduce by sharing the life force within their crystals, an Arvennian pregnancy lasts 5 years as a crystal on the female's lower torso grows & eventually breaks with a newborn Arvennian emerging from within

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Arvennians are capable of sight, hearing & feeling despite lacking eyes, ears & any form of nerves, blood or cells.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male names: Urlod, Ferroke, Bohyn, Lahyd, Gonuro, Maroneth, Irn'zerc, Ignetz, Flitzum, Plumerit, Obsiteo, Mexamon
Female names: Meryst, Ameryla, Dideme, Roalery, Opparyl, Aleteta, Galasta, Diumera, Pesini, Baleri, Ignedrya
Unisex names: Lane, Obyr, Pusiar, Pystitem, Grit, Ditere, Jalit
Surnames: Galver, Antercem, Pyrtesto, Sin, Condondo, Zemiro, Pyrir, Malve, Laphirn, Plarazum, Jadinde, Ignuan

Major Organizations

The Republic of Peldexa, Empire of Diterion
200 years
Average Height
2.5 Meters

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