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Contact and Administration

Discovery, Exploration


The period in the other civilisations on the various planets finally made contact with one another.

This is the year in which Raxus made contact with another settled world. The planet with whom they first made contact was the ice world of Thardis in roughly 2090 D.T. At first verbal communication was almost impossible given that the humans of Thardis had developed very differently in ways both linguistically and culturally. Like Raxus, the land on Thardis was divided into various states and territories with different governments and factions controlling them. This was also found to be the case with the populations of Ceephax and Kresnik respectively.   In the first years of contact, the Raxians and the Thardans worked to develop a common language that would act as a bridge between the vastly different peoples of the system and allow for ease of communication in areas such as diplomacy, commerce and education. This would become known as Trader Common. The representatives of each planets realised that educating their entire planetary populations in Trader Common would be no mean feat. Progress was slow and in the short term only the major urban centres were regularly exposed to the newly introduced tongue of commerce. In time more remote settlements began to adopt is for the sake of efficiency.   Along with this linguistic revolution was the trading and standardising of technology. The most important development in this area was the completion of the first warp gate that would make the neighbouring worlds easier to access.

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