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The Red Event

Life, Trauma/ Loss


Catastrophic event which occured during the Free Trade Rebellion.

During the Free Trade Rebellion, the majority of the rebel forces were dispersed throughout the Continent of Pharpech and had set up bases of operations around the large cities in the southern part of the continent. In a bid to cripple the rebel network and force them to surrender, Kol authorised the use of high powered warheads that had been newly developed using Plasma Weaponry. The warheads were launched on five target areas on Maraxus and the resulting explosions resulted in the wiping out of not only the majority of the populations but most of the life within the region. The devastation turned the regions into what are now the largest terrestrial exclusion zones in the whole system and led to the passing of the PlasmAct outlawing all forms of Plasma Weaponry across Maraxus. Show spoiler

Strange events are thought to have begun occurring in these regions a few years after the event
. The damage was not successfully contained within theses region. The wind carried large pockets of the resultant radiation from these explosions which led to settlements near the zones becoming uninhabitable. These became known as the Red Winds due to the reddish purple glow of the plasma discharges. Other more subtle side effects came with exposure to the Red Winds (i.e facial deformities, crop mutations).

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