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Free Trade Rebellion

Military action


The conflict that erupted across Maraxus and saw the rise of major corporations such as the United Armaments Company (UAC) and Syntek .

The Free Trade Rebellion was sparked by a group of technologists and tradesmen who wanted an end to the oppressive The Kol Regime that ruled the settlements of Maraxus and violently suppressed dissidents with plasma weapons.   This war lasted 7 long and gruelling years with the leader, Jernau Arbat supplying his followers with revolutionary new projectile weapons he designed and built in his underground facilities during the war which eventually gained them the edge they needed to match Kol's forces. The Kol regime had the upper hand for a time until the rebels began to slowly drive them out of the towns and cities of Maraxus and forced them to retreat into Tallon City which turned into a 2 year long siege. During this time, Arbat managed to rally the rebel forces and test his new artillery on the surrounding barricades of Tallon. The rebels broke through and found themselves a street battle that lasted for several weeks with each side inflicting heavy losses on the other. The rebels eventually reached the centre of the city where the ruling body of the Kol Regime resided. Kol and his supporters surrendered along with the remaining military units.   Kol and the senior staff were tried by the new democratic government and sentenced to life imprisonment. The new government also passed the PlasmAct that indefinitely outlawed Plasma Weaponry in any shape or form given that its full destructive power had been realised during the Trinity Event of 2166 where three cities in South Pharpech were bombed with Plasma warheads which obliterated almost all forms of life and turned the region into a irradiated exclusion zone. Arbat was hailed as a war hero and founded the enterprise that would become the United Armaments Company (UAC) that are now the biggest manufacturer and supplier of weaponry across the system.

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