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Forsaken Lands

Forsaken land refers to the large expanses of land on Maraxus which border the Red Zones. The official explanation for abandonment was that winds carrying plasma radiation passed over these lands and could have long term impacts on large populations.   Some of these regions are more hospitable than others and in fact are home to various enclaves and communities who refuse to migrate to the big cities. However, due to the lack of organised government, these lands exist in a state of semi-anarchy and are abundant with bandit tribes and fugitives on the run.   Many settlements have their own laws of survival in the forsaken lands. Some adrenaline junkies have been known to travel the planet and explore the forsaken lands on each of the continents. The Forsaken lands are also a place in which various illicit activities can take place out of the sight of authority groups. The best example of this is The Grey Land which has it's own brand of politics and alliances. These regions are regularly scoured by bounty hunters and corporate operatives for all sorts of reasons.   There are highways which are deemed to be the least risky but safety is never guaranteed in these areas. Most of the unified territories have air travel at their disposal for regular transport.


Varies from continent to continent.

Natural Resources

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