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Campaign Breakdown

Plot points/Scenes

Prologue: 1. The virus/pathogen is created. 2. Causes erratic behaviour. Extreme violence guaranteed. 3. Kalst a suspect. 4. The players will have been hired to do some menial task. They will be attacked. Syntek want it.   Getting It: 1. Syntek want to get the virus.   2. Players are investigation team. They must follow the first lead. Syntek cannot afford to spare any of their own assets and need expendable mercs to do the dirty work.   3. The Purple Union may have info on what's going on. The Bit-Raiders may be helpful.   4. Kalst? ECB are after him. E-VO evolves as the game goes on. Syntek are a suspect. Kaylum Intelligence Solutions (KIS) may be involved. Unsuspecting victims.     Building It: 1. The players can approach various groups/individuals with the program/virus. 2. Giving it to Syntek/ECB. may result in other consequences. i.e. Termination 3. Kalst.   Testing It: 1. Enemies become more evolved.   Using It: 1. Tie up loose ends 2. Plan and strategy 3. Showdown with


  • Identity
  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Evolution



The CalciCo. Corporation has been hit by a series of disruptions in normal operations in one of their largest mining facilities, the Korid Mining Complex which lies deep in the The Tharius Cluster and has received a call for assistance from the facility. The Alien pathogen is infecting the ships crewmen and is attempting to propagate and multiply through various hosts but is having difficulty getting off the facility because of the lack of a ship with the capabilities of getting off.



The players must find out what happened at the facility.


Players will be attacked by victims exposed to this virus.


The DigiDemic could intensify and spread if the players do not find a way to contain it.

Cruel Tricks

The PixelCo. handler with the players will actually be an agent of the Endar Containment Bureau (ECB) sent to retrieve a sample of the virus.

Red Herrings

The surviving human population will have been infected with the digi virus and will lead the players to conclude that the virus is simply a bizarre pathogen that only infects the humans. This will be shown in the takeover of one of the mining quadrants by a group of these "infected." This is intended to distract the players from the fact that the "virus" is actually a new program that when in contact with an entity that possesses an artificial "intelligence" causes it to change. The KM-7 (Kaylum Model 7) incident is a result of this.

Plot type
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