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Thanatos System

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The Thanatos star system is a custom world built for a game using the Starfinder system. It is a star system consisting of eight planetoids. The Thanatos system is situated in an alternate universe where the planets inhabited by humans have established an interplanetary infrastructure based around warp gates and mega corporations. The inhabited planets include Taraxus.   While space travel and warp gates are commonplace, ships do not have their own hyperdrives and experiments have had little success. The technological level of settlements is extremely varied. Megacities are all everywhere thanks to the Konstrukts which make the building of massive structures far easier and more efficient. Various asteroid colonies also exist around the system.   The current age in which people are living is known as the Scumble. This era began about 2175 Documented Time (D.T) and saw a massive legislative upheaval leading to the regression and outlawing of certain technology with the justification being that these technologies had too much potential destructive power. Most notable of these is plasma weaponry.   The term Scumble refers to a wide technology of varying levels being utilised in tandem with one another (i.e spear wielding savages on hover bikes). Today sees trade and commerce run by various powerful corporations (i.e AgriCo., PixelCo. .) and ruthless syndicates and the wilderness rife with savage creatures and cutthroat raider gangs as well as settlements devastated by the Red Winds.   The territories are primarily the result of former independent city states allying with one another for strategic and economic benefit (i.e the desert mining in the Haldo Republic ) which has allowed for the rapid development resulting in highly advanced cities and technology.   Whether you are a law abiding citizen of one of the megacities or a wanderer in the forsaken lands, there exist hazards from being mugged in a dark alley by punks with bionic implants to being crippled by venom from a grey crawler. Adventurers have also been known to come across locations and artefacts that historians and scientists claim are remnants of a civilisation that can only be described as alien.   There is no safety. There is no mercy. To survive, you must become that which you fear.

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