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The Elder Brain

The Center, The Old One, Paragon (None)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When the Dominion Pact was formed the Illithid were a very new, but very domineering force in Thaladrin. Their reach, however, exceeded their grasp, and so the Elder Brain saw fit to join the Dominion Pact. In the centuries following the Elder Brain has found itself constrained by the Pact in ways it had not anticipated. It now aims to free itself from the Pact and assume total control over Thaladrin.

Gender Identity


Intellectual Characteristics

The Elder Brain is an immense intellect. While it is entirely possible that the Elder Brain knows more than even Velograthon it is also weighed down with its wealth of worthless knowledge.

Morality & Philosophy

The Elder Brain is evil through and through. It sees itself as the most evolved being existing on Thaladrin and as such it views even its Paragon Peers as beneath it.
Known Languages
The Elder Brain speaks all languages known on Thaladrin, and many more that are not.

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