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The Neverliving, The Funeral Bell, Paragon Kephander

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In life, during the Age of Heroes, Kephorax was a great cleric. In death, he was raised by a vengeful foe as a lich. Over centuries of unlife, he grew hateful and jealous of the living. Every time he called a horde of undead in an attempt to overthrow the world of the living, every time he sought to bring unending night to the world he was thwarted. Eventually, he developed the plan to eradicate the heroes, he called together his peers, he brokered their peace. Now he leads House Kephor as its Paragon.

Gender Identity

Kephorax identifies as male.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kephorax devised the plan to unite the shadows of Thaladrin. He reasoned that individually they could never rule, but together they could dominate the world. Kephorax enlisted the aid of Velograthon in forging the Dominion Pact.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kephorax is a plotter and a planner. He plays the long game. The heights of his brilliance do not quite reach those of Theraniton or Velograthon, but he is remarkably consistent and is not to be underestimated.

Morality & Philosophy

He is evil through and through. Kephorax is perhaps the most insidious of the Paragons. He does his evil deeds not for the love of himself, but for the hate of all a world he feels betrayed him.
Lawful Evil
Known Languages
Kephorax speaks all of the languages of the Alliance.

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