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WorldEmber 2020 Plan For Success

Step 1: My writing space

This is my room. It has a door. This is as private as I can get. Note headphones for noise elimination, and also water for hydration. And it's my bed, so if I leave it messy then I can't sleep at night, so it'll stay nice.    

Step 2: My writing speed

  Sprint 1: 607 words
Sprint 2: 130 words (I got a little distracted)
Sprint 3: 358 words   Average speed: 12 words per minute  

Step 3: My writing schedule (approximately)

  1. 10,000/12= 833 minutes to complete WorldEmber
  2. 833/60= 14 hours to complete WorldEmber
  3. 14*1.25= 17.5 hours including slush time to complete WorldEmber
I plan on writing Monday through Saturday, minus Christmas and New Year's Eve, which leaves me with 25 days. My schedule (fingers crossed) is pretty regular.   My Pacemaker schedule   In theory, the above link will lead to my plan on Pacemaker, but if it doesn't, it estimates 42 minutes a day. So I'll round up to 45, probably doing it in a series of 3 sprints through the day.    Sprint #1: 10:00-10:15am (between my morning and afternoon work, but after breakfast)
Sprint #2: 5:45-6:00pm (after afternoon work)
Sprint #3: 9:00-9:15pm (night, flexible, taking advantage of my weirder side that comes out when I get tired)
  On Saturday, I'll probably just do it whenever I can fit it because it's a rather changeable day.  

Step 4: My support groups

  • Mom: good for bouncing ideas off
  • Dad: valuable source of very random scientific information for making my sci-fi pseudo accurate
  • Brother: encouragement and plot advice
  • Just-Us League: writing group, great for venting and sympathy and ideas
  • Best friend: uncompromising support
  • Local writer friend: good for commiseration and celebrating wins


  World Ember 2020 Pledge and Prompts

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Grandmaster Teyvill
Andrew Belenkiy
30 Nov, 2020 18:57

This is cozy ;) Have a nice WorldEmber!