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World Ember 2020 Pledge and Prompts

During the month of December, I, Lady Grayish, pledge to write 10,000 words of world building. (See my plan on how to accomplish this at WorldEmber 2020 Plan For Success)   I just got a subscription, which means I can start putting in more of my worlds! Very excited about that. I've got a lot of them. I've got four referenced in my tables.   Thaiterra: my current main project. This one has a lot of articles, so it would mainly be housecleaning and note taking from November. Possibly developing more ideas for the next book.   Reeja: my baby. This is the oldest world I have, predating my teen years. Which means that it's a mess. I would love to clean it up a little, see if I can't polish it into a fantasy gem.   Overlord: also my baby, as the setting of the first real, feature-length novel that I completed. Hysterically funny. I have a file full of partial notes just begging to be explored.   Straw Commander: alien invasion of Earth goes horribly wrong on many levels, and now the aliens and humans are gallivanting around the galaxy accidentally causing revolutions wherever they go. Probably won't do much, because I will basically need to read the book I wrote because I did not take notes and I regret this so much now. But I need to. So I will try to do at least one.   (I spent way too long finding/creating images for this stuff, so I'm going to leave it at the handful I have, and in addition here's a link to the Pinterest pages I use for inspiration:    

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Sage gfishbone
Greg R. Fishbone
14 Nov, 2020 23:12

Good luck!

Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal.