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Weinadi Abilities

They're not helpless. Their abilities are understated, to be sure, subtle and existing beneath the surface, but I would wager they're just as powerful as ours, in their own way. And in some ways, they're significantly more powerful than the garruw.
Zahra Roydark, collected writings
  The Weinadi are capable of a lot of things, simply with the use of their physical forms, which make them inherently stronger than Humans. Their claws, while not as impressive as the Garruw, render them capable of defending against almost anything else.   But like the other two sentient species on [Thaiterra, they are capable of more than might initially appear. Compared to the raw power of the garruw energy blasts, and the practical, carefully delineated talents of the humans, their magic is harder to spot, but no less real.  


  The most obvious form of this comes from the Dheizei shamans, who guide and advise the clans, and are capable of the occasional insight into the future. The scouts can find their way along the ground in near perfect darkness, in the swirling chaos of a storm, and in places that ought to be unfamiliar to them.   It is from the shamans and scouts that we get the best sense of how exactly the weinadi abilities operate. It's not just a kind of telepathy, but an interconnectedness with and a dominance over the world they live in. It serves them, and they are its caretakers. This possibly developed because of how they live underground, but since this is a relatively recent cultural addition in this area, it can't be the sole reason.  


  Redstone and Redstone Manipulation are standpoints in these cultures. It's the most obvious use of what abilities they might have. The redstone can be reshaped and is extremely malleable, but only when under the mental influence of a weinadi. It's possible this is because they've lived near it for so long.   Shaping it can form homes, art, tools of defense, etc. Redstone use is common and fairly reliable.
Metaphysical, Psychic

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