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Taglota Brew

The Basadu and the Dheizei share an ancient coming-of-age element exclusive to the warriors in their societies, or at least those intending to become warriors. It's not nearly as dangerous as it used to be, but considering the divergent paths of the two ethnicities, it is curious that they so specifically share this particular thing.   How the brew is applied is a matter of specific culture and place, but the generality of it is that it is a very specific poison that the person is meant to ingest, and then suffer through the results. It's not painful, but it is weakening and leaves them unable to perform all but the simplest tasks. It's meant to humble those who otherwise might be considered paragons of strength and skill.   The specific blend of herbs used for the brew is carefully chosen, as too much of any one of the ingredients might kill someone outright instead of induce the slow process of learning to deal with a disability, however temporary. The process of properly brewing it is also carefully monitored as letting the herbs steep and ferment too long can also have interesting results, becoming more of an intoxicant than an outright toxin.   The tincture made from this process is given to the impending warrior one of two ways, depending on the culture. The Dheizei will give it to them straight, in a small cup. The Basadu will dilute the appropriate amount in wine of some kind, but the participant is expected to drink all the wine. The former is more of a solemn ceremony leading to a time of contemplation, while the latter is meant to be the start of something rather like a rager.

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