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Rebe Yimutu Seekers

It's strange, the relationship between artistry and warcraft withing weinadi society. Perhaps it's a symptom of the storm-filled world they know. What is most beautiful can kill you.
  Redstone Manipulation is typically used in construction, and in art. However, one would be foolish to ignore the possibilities of the manipulation of an otherwise solid material, and the Basadu are not fools.   Rebe Yimutu is a general term for the squads of soldiers who are capable of redstone manipulation. It's a unit used more against other weinadi than against something like the garruw. There have been instances of them used in assaults on enemies, but since the redstone manipulation requires familiarity with the stone, it's more useful as a defensive unit.



They do carry backup weapons, typically projectile and explosive since sometimes access to the redstone requires a little push.


The practice of the abilities allows them to be somewhat interconnected, and the recent development of radio technology means that these units are typically spread out across the battlefield for maximum coverage. Since there's not usually much redstone available, their tactic focus more on hampering their foes rather than outright killing them, although it is possible to shape and propel redstone in similar form as a bullet.   It's also common to use units to craft temporary shields and walls on an advance, or reinforcing doors and walls in an attack.


Logistical Support

They're a highly mobile unit that requires minimal support. They're expected to be able to gather their own supplies. Armor is provided, but that's about it.


These units require regular mental health retreats, to ensure they don't lose themselves to accessing the stone. It's also beneficial since their practices require focus, and being tired or distressed in some way would hinder them.


Typically people are recruited as willing and then trained in redstone manipulation after. In wartime, it is common for artists and builders already familiar to be conscripted into these units, although it is understood that their capabilities push them firmly in a defensive capacity.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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