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Nevela ele Calasori

Nevela of the Calasori clan, according to Dheizei naming traditions, is one of the more significant historians of the modern age, because she was the one who discovered the true nature of the connections between Tholaren Dome, the Weinadi, and what is commonly known as the Dwarfhold. She was the one to lead the expedition that would lead to the rediscovery of the Fergana.   She began as a herbalist, someone who wanted to assist her clan by researching ways that the plants around them could assist in everyday life. But her work, and her travels with her people, drew her closer and closer to the Dome, and thus eventually to Naoi Oasis on the day that Corydon Wildauer would be betrayed and left for dead.   This eventually led to a greater friendship with the Humans of the Dome, and her curiosity led her to help Brenna Chorselnik uncover the origins of her society.   Until the discovery, made with Nevela's knowledge of the geography of the area, the history of her people, and an understanding of the natural world, everyone assumed that humans had originated on Thaiterra, and that some past actions had banished them to their isolated protective bubbles. Instead, they crashed here, and they will need to rediscover why exactly their distant ancestors designed every facet of their society so they might one day return to those treacherous stars.   (I will learn more about this character as I write the book from her perspective. Right now she is a name and a role and a mostly blank slate.)

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