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Ifyedzu's Riddles

Some would classify this book as religious, but even those Garruw who have moved away from The Faith of the Star-Eyed use it as a common early science text, for the questions is forces young minds to pose.   As might be judged by the name, the book is associated with Ifyedzu, from the Garruw creation myths, the god of plants and machines. It is the most likely piece of evidence that the deities did actually exist, although it is arguable that they were simply people.   The book was written centuries, if not millennia ago. There are only a handful of copies still in existence, and one of these is in Rildhudzhant Metallurgical Library and Spa. At least, before it was stolen by Durazhegneb during one of his crime sprees. Unclear as to why he stole this particular book.   The book is full of poems and stories that each include a question about the larger world, from a scientific point of view (and occasionally a philosophical one). The framing involves Ifyedzu asking questions of the other gods and goddesses.   It includes references to the technology of the time, as well as references to things that have only just been invented, appearing first in this book as theoretical, based on the scientific knowledge of the time. One of the stories featured is of The Betrayer's Orb, which is more of a historical tale. Another is The Loss of the Travorgan.
Text, Philosophical


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