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Durazhegneb (doo-rah-zheh-gneb)

And after he did supposedly die, the authorities didn't actually believe he was dead, and official manhunts still go out occasionally to try and find his body and make sure that Durazhegneb is truly gone. Being fully honest, it's not outside the realm of possibility that he did escape the storm.
— A quote from a book on criminology
  It is rare for those outside the Garruw to know about their criminals. The Garruw like being on top of the food chain, and since there's no eating the next levels down in that food chain anymore, it's important to maintain their superiority in other ways.   But Durazhegneb, Durazh for short, was such a spectacular pirate that his tales filtered down out of sheer awe.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is entirely possible that all of Durazh's early history is a fabrication and that in reality he was some ordinary Neb or Dravog, but the name he has gone by since the inception of his criminal career is Durazhegneb and so that is what he is called.   The stories say that Durazh was born the son of two officers of the law. That he saw his mother take bribes to let criminals go, and that he saw his father turn right around and use that to entrap those criminals. That they were a legendary team, tricking and entangling their foes handily.   Naturally, their son decided to take that cleverness and use it to be a criminal himself, just to see if he was clever enough to avoid them. Eventually, as time went on, he took over a whole crew of people, who committed countless heists.   Some of the highlights of these heists include:   And so on and so forth.   He supposedly died while being chased by the authorities, chased into a storm so powerful that no sane Garruw would try to fly through it. The last he was seen, he was struck by a falling meteor and taken down, but his body was not recovered at the site.




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