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Journal Entry Of Francis D'Angelo - Our Travels From Dawnbreak to Port Obsidia Part 1

General Summary


Francis D’Angelo, faithful tempest cleric of Zeus   Our journey began on the road between Dawnbreak and Port Obsidia. We were each somewhat familiar with the others in the group, at least by name, face or drinking reputation. But rumors that someone in Port Obsidia had once again discovered obsidian in the surrounding mountains motivated us all to find that person, for rejuvenating the local mining industry held the prospect of bringing prosperity back to our long-poor region.   We called ourselves the Blackrock Adventurers. Not a particularly inspiring or creative name, but suitably descriptive to be functional. Our group is comprised of Garomon Goldwarr, a Changling warlock of mysterious, if not sinister, origin; Katthel Dankil a/k/a “Katt”, a dwarven monk of the female persuasion, known to enjoy tipping back a few; Victoran Wareye a/k/a “Vick”, a muscle-bound human barbarian, also a woman and an able warrior; and me.   Along the road, we encountered Joy Crustyleaf, an old and nearly lame halfling woman with an oversized and generous personality. She insisted on feeding us the stew she had warming on her hearth, which brought us to a modest hovel. While warmly welcoming us, she lamented the loss of her son, Jax, who had taken up in an abandoned tower two days’ journey hence, and the bad influences that seemed to keep him away. We resolved to bring him a bowl of Joy’s stew and to encourage Jax to return home.   On the way to find Jax, we encountered a loathsome bugbear. He attacked us and immediately killed Katt with a single blow. I was able to save her with a healing word and the bugbear was dispatched, albeit with some difficulty. Although we identified the tracks of several other bugbears leading off into the forest, we resolved to remain alive and not to follow them.   Along the way, we all heard mysterious music in our heads, which grew louder the closer we came to a river. Although I was inclined to discover the source of the melody, the warlock persuaded the others that we should ignore it (“strange music leads to death”, I think he said) and not deviate from our course.   Upon arrival at the fortified tower, we found the doors strangely unlocked. Inside, we encountered a grunting barbarian named Baxter, who we tried to cajole and befriend. Sadly, Baxter rejected our overtures and threw the first punch. We quickly defeated him (yours truly delivered the killing blow), but not before he was able to drop our monk (again), requiring me to heal and revive her (again). We dealt with a large spider in the tower and Jax’s blink dog named “Muffins”. Garomon cleverly defeated the dog with the stew we brought for Jax, after it was revealed that he was a hateful and despicable son with no interest in his mother or her cooking. Also, he was a vengeance paladin who attacked us with great force and fury. He killed Katt (who I am beginning to think is possibly made of glass), and nearly dealt me a fatal blow as well. It was only my skill with heavy armor that allowed me to avoid death, to thunderously rebuke him, and then to crush him with my warhammer, all while Garomon attended to Katt.   All told, we collected 68 gp, two healing potions, a gaudy ring (magical?), a scroll of lightening bolt, a suit of halfling chain mail, a helmet and a light crossbow with 7 bolts.

Rewards Granted

68 gp, two healing potions, a gaudy ring (magical?), a scroll of lightening bolt, a suit of halfling chain mail, a helmet and a light crossbow with 7 bolts.   Possibly 2 greatswords

Missions/Quests Completed

Return Jax home to his mother. (FAILED)

Character(s) interacted with

Joy Crustyleaf - Old halfling woman living alone.   Bugbear - Raiding a tent. (Killed)   Baxter - A human barbarian who only communicated with grunts and groans. (Killed)   Muffins - The blink dog belonging to Jax Crustyleaf. (Wounded but fled)   Jax Crustyleaf - A halfling paladin who acted quite chaotic and evil for being such a "nice boy." (Killed)

Report Date
18 Feb 2020
Primary Location
Black Rock Region

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