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Thāros is a world of many peoples, places, and things. The world is populated by many races, including the generally benevolent Humans, Dwarves, and Elves, as well as more nefarious ones such as the Thr'a (snake-folk). Its history, from the primordial to the present, is one of many heroes and villains from across the three continents, Vatur, Khaazafruka, and Thrā'ja.   Vatur, "ancestral land/place" in Elvish, is a land of great promise to a foreigner. Its more prominent feature is the large and cosmopolitan Greater Elven Federation, an empire existing continuously for more than six thousand years. To the west lies the Free-Lands, home of folks bound to no nation of loyalty. To the north, one finds the Krizculyn Cliffs, the great mountain range blocking the North from the South, so named for the last stand of the Krizculyn Werewolf tribe.. Across the wide and dangerous mountainss, there is the ancient Blood Dominion of Mallus IV, a kingdom ruled by ancient vampires. The only other people brave enough to live in the northern reaches of Vatur are a few Dwarves, convinced that there is great wealth to be found there, and the feral and diverse tribes of Barbarians, mostly humans, elves (often Wood or Ice Elves), and wretched lycanthropes cast from their homeland.   Thrā'ja, meaning "The Sacred One" in Thr'a, is the land of the beastfolk of the world. Little law and order exists in the continent, save a few small hamlets ruled by local noblemen. The inhabitants are the Thr'a, a serpentine race of snake-folk, Draconics, a law-abiding, honor-loving race of half-dragons, Kirkuz, the bird-men, and Aquantas, an underwater race of tentacle-armed fish of sorts.   The last continent of Thāros is Khaazafruka, meaning "the eternal" in Khaa'adiz, the Dwarf-tongue. It is made up of the Sacred Empire of Ferkazmarku, the king dwarven god, and many, smaller semi-autonomous regions. The continent is rife with resources metal and otherwise, and there is no one other than the dwarves who could know how to use them so effectively.   Thāros is a world of great joy and conflict, each individual laughing and crying, from those ruled by totalitarians to the free folk. She needs great heroes to rise up and save her from unjust rulers and oppression, from villains and vampires. Come war or come peace, the mountains will stand tall. But will the great peoples of the realm?

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