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"Morayinn, or Sea Elves, live short lives compared to their land dwelling brethren. However, their lives are populated with freedom from masters, property, and working in slavery to another. Instead, they live as seafaring nomads, bound to no piece of land, and only to the sea. Their ships whip across blue-green oceans in search of the behemoth Mora whales to hunt. They use tools made mostly of bone: even their ships are carved from the hollow vertebra of the beasts. While their technology seems primitive, it is their minds that must be feared-- both in wit and ferociousness; the blades of their boarding axes and harpoon bows show no mercy to those who wish to see Sea Elven sovereignty destroyed. They rarely touch land, only to sell what they have killed in their Great Hunts of the Mora. These free peoples do not know any loyalty other than to Family-Clan and the sea, and do not organize other than into loose confederations of Family-Clans to set prices for their meat, bones, and sea-treasures. "   -Baydos VI's The Federation's History of the Elven Race, 19th High Historian of the Greater Elven Federation.


There are minimal hierarchies or leaders in the Sea Elf civilization.


Roughly 250 longships (each house about 60-75 elvea), access to unlimited deep sea resources and hunting.


The Morayinnu have existed since days far earlier than recorded history began, possibly over 4 Common Eras before. They have lived the same way since their sea god, Fainani, gifted them with knowledge of ship building and the art of sea exploration.

Demography and Population

Exclusively Sea Elves.


There are no "armed forces" of the Sea Elves, but every citizen is expected to be willing to take up a bow or axe when the time for war comes. Each person, regardless of gender, is trained as a military equal.


The Sea Elves are on of the few monotheistic groups, worshipping a sea god named Fainani.

Agriculture & Industry

Morayinn make a living as a primarily self-sufficient people, but trade for some luxury goods such as gold, metal, or wood.

Trade & Transport

The Morayinn are entirely nomadic, never sleeping in the same spot they did the night before. Their ships freely roam the largely empty seas.


Every Sea Elf is educated in basic language, religion, and, most importantly, hunting and self-sufficiency skills.

Furdu ar Miera Gurda (Freedom is the Highest Good)

Founding Date
Sometime at or around the -4E, exact date unknown
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system

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