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TF: Lemuria Timeline

Golden Age

... 6000000

  • -6250000 GA

    Megatronus Born
    Life, Birth

  • -6050000 GA

    Orion Pax Born
    Life, Birth

Post Golden Age - Silver State

6000000 4000001

An era where the luxuries of the Golden age are drifting away and more of Cybertrons underworld rise up.

  • -5500000 SS

    Void and Linger Born
    Life, Birth

  • -5200000 SS

    Orion becomes an Enforcer Recruit
    Life, Career

  • -5160000 SS

    Megatronus becomes a Gladiator
    Life, Identity

  • -5000000 SS

    Megatronus writes and Orion edits 'Towards Peace'

    Their first jointed major approach to revolution.

  • -4800000 SS

    The Decepticon movement is classed as a Revolution

  • -4002000 SS

    The Lemuria's Disappearance
    Disaster / Destruction

    The disappearance of a colony ship that sparked the separation of the Autobots from the Decepticons.

  • -4001662 SS

    Autobot separation from Decepticons
    Political event

The War - Planetside

4000000 1900000

The first section of the 4 million year war, which takes place before Cybertron became uninhabitable. FWP = Four (million year) War, Planetside

  • -4000000 FWP

    Autbot-Decepticon war announced
    Military action

    A senate building is bombed only days before Orion Pax was to make a public appeal to the Senate.

  • -3980000 FWP

    Arcee defects to the Autobots
    Life, Organisation Association

  • -3950000 FWP

    Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime
    Religious event

    Orion Pax accepts the Matrix of Leadership.

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  • -3000000 FWP

    Optimus hides the Allspark
    Geological / environmental event

  • -2900000 FWP

    First mass evacuation of Cybertron
    Population Migration / Travel

  • -2250000 FWP

    -2251000 FWP

    Shockwave infiltrates the Autobot army as Longarm

The War - Post-Cybertron

1900000 3

The second half of the war which takes place almost entirely off the now uninhabitable Cybertron. Priorities have shifted, and now it is more about finding a new home for their people.

  • -1899999 FWS

    Second Mass Evacuation of Cybertron
    Population Migration / Travel

    Includes the first Autobot Ark launched.

  • -315000 FWS

    Anatomically modern humans develop on Earth

  • 0 FWS

    The Ark crashes to Earth

    The beginning of the story of Lemuria.

  • 1 FWS

    The group 'Epsilon-Four' is formed.
    Diplomatic action

    The U.S governments codename for the Autobots and eventually the civilians who are under their protection. The date which is written in the treaty as the first proper interspecies diplomatic outreach between the Autobots and humans.

  • 2 FWS


    The Children join the Autobots
    Life, Organisation Association

  • 2 FWS


    The Lemuria is discovered on Earth
    Discovery, Exploration

  • 3 FWS


    Autobot - Decepticon Ceasefire and Peace negotiations on Earth
    Diplomatic action

  • 3 FWS


    Quintesson Invasion of the Sol System
    Military action

Cybertron Revival

4 and beyond

The rebuilding of a reformed and habitable Cybertron after the unifying Quintesson Invasion on the Sol System.

  • 4 CR

    Intergalactic recognition of the Cybertronian-Earthen alliance.
    Diplomatic action

  • 6 CR

    Aurora Borealis born
    Life, Birth

    The birth of the mech who many consider either a symbol of peace or betrayal.

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  • 9 CR

    Flicker born
    Life, Birth

  • 11 CR

    Kit born
    Life, Birth