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Void of Vos

Avoidance of Vos (a.k.a. Void)

Hailing from one of Vos's minor hot-spots, Voids' spark was not harvested and she grew up into a feral protoform, wandering the hot-spot alongside her developing Symbiont, Linger. Both were found rather late in her protoform development, and after it was discovered that Void was a developing seeker with a symbiont-spark, they were taken to a nurturing facility on the outskirts of the main city where she and Linger spent their final developmental years.   Void's natural ability to sense movement around her wasn't discovered and named up until her third century, when the on-duty medic at the courier service she worked at noticed her odd behaviour and decided to investigate. She soon got into the business of information, due to her ability and also because of Linger, who could encrypt and decrypt much faster than Void herself could. After a while of information gathering for many different areas in Vos, she moved on to joining the Vosian military.   Her military life allowed her information skills to flourish, and the use of her IHAIS field (named by a Vosian field medic) allowed her to excel in close combat fights with more than one opponent. Soon enough she was promoted to have a high ranking Espionage and Intelligence position in the military, and Linger was upgrade with experimental siphoning technology.   She was eventually placed to be the first member in a test Special Tasks group, who operated in conjunction with the Vosian Military and the Vosian Senate delegates. The group grew to have nine members including Void, and she ended up very close to all of them, regarding them as her family. Around this point she also applied for discharge from the military, solely serving the special tasks group as their main intelligence and espionage agent.   The groups final members were half-seeker twins Fury and Pride. Void immediately grew close with them, acting as a guiding figure for them as they had barely crossed a century old at their time of joining the group. She regarded them as two of her best friends, and those three being the only seekers in the group, spent a lot of their free time together as well as their work time.   The group ended up functioning outside of military command most of the time, which gave Northstar - her squads commander - authority to register them as mostly Non-Combatants, working solely as spies. Her final job on record was to be assigned on the ship Lemuria, acting as a Vosian delegate, but functioning as a spy. She was aboard the ship when it went missing, and was presumed dead along with the rest of the crew and its passengers.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Transforms into a slightly altered F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.   A taller than average seeker frame. Unrecognisable as a seeker frame at first look because of the natural changes to make room for a symbiont.   She has a lot of problems with her spark, as she is a Dependant Symbiont-Spark, which means her spark isn’t as strong as it should be when she doesn’t have a symbiont. Her IHAIS field also causes her to be a very light sleeper, and her recharge is often interrupted.   Voids wings are a lot longer than usual. Rather thin for her height. She has very little scarring, although her systems are a little outdated due to not having any updates for 4 million years.

Body Features

+ Mainly dark purple plating, with white/slightly lilac protoform. Brighter pinky-purple detailing. + Wears a very faint blue visor, which is transparent. + Primary wings have the secondary pair attached to them, not independent of movement. Tertiary pair of wings is actually her symbiont's wings. + Has a few sharpened dentae, can be considered fangs due to being positioned where the canines would be. Only just visible when she smiles, and even then they're not very noticeable.

Physical quirks

Uses her wings to emote a lot. They are almost always pulled up when neutral due to her intense emotional training, and also because they are very long and tend to cause a lot of problems when lying sideways. This has lead to her gaining a very disturbingly happy reputation.

Special abilities

Has a secondary field alongside her EM field that works as a radar of the immediate area around her. The condition is named Innate Hyper-Awareness of Immediate Surroundings (IHAIS for short). She could be regarded as an Outlier due to this field, but has avoided gaining the label somehow.   The field works like a mental grid, which layers over the surroundings near to her to give her a picture of the scene. She can refine the field if she concentrates by making the grid smaller, gaining a more detailed sense. She can also make the field much bigger by allowing it to be less refined, only able to detect disturbances in it and placements of people.   The field also gets disturbed from movement, and this allows her to essentially look behind her, or past walls.

Specialized Equipment

Has an integrated Lite-Particle Cannon in her left arm. She barely uses it due to the energon drain.

Mental characteristics


Military training, Special Tasks and Intelligence agent training.

Mental Trauma

Has anxiety, and prone to bouts of flightiness.

Personality Characteristics


Driven by love, fun, and family. First and foremost, she will do things for those she loves.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

+ Close combat and Takedowns + Stealth + Dodging and avoiding + IHAIS + Improvisation + Survival  

    • Being in a crowd for too long.
    • Staying calm around things that have previously traumatized her.
    • Using guns. She's not a very good shot.
    • Mid air or long ranged combat, as she has no long ranged weapons.
  • Extremely afraid of losing Linger or those she loves, to the point of irrationality or complete breakdowns.
  • Likes & Dislikes

    + Flying + 'Dancing' in her alt-mode + Sweetened energon + Linger + Games, especially Fury and Prides'. + The night sky + Stargazing + Having fun  

      • Stasis
      • Overcrowding of her IHAIS
      • Others messing with people she cares about
  • Having to keep her wings close to her body all the time
  • Virtues & Personality perks

    + Honest + Optimistic + Excels in improvisation + Always wants to do her best + Views the world with childlike wonder

    Vices & Personality flaws

      • Very self-sacrificing
      • Loud
      • Prone to being flighty and frantic
      • Quick to trust. Not always a flaw, but it has gotten her in trouble before.
  • Deceptive when people have information she needs.
  • Personality Quirks

    + Emotive with her wings + Prone to gazing off into space + A bit clumsy + The Seeker quirk of recharging together in a pile on the floor.


    Contacts & Relations

    Vosian Special Tasks - Her previous group of affiliation. A sub-sector of the Vosian military.

    Family Ties

    Fury and Pride of Iacon - Her adopted siblings. Eventually her trinemates.

    Social Aptitude

    Very chatty and sociable, but does tend to withdraw because of her trauma. Uses her outward and innate naive and innocent appearance to her advantage in both regular and job-related social situations. Very confident in herself, and very polite when she wants to be. An empathetic person, and given enough time, can and usually will want to get on with just about anyone.


    Her voice is very light and high pitched. Sounds quite sweet.

    Biological Sex
    Cyan Optics
    Aligned Organization
    The Autobots
    Known Languages
    Neocybex, Vosian Dialect, Flightspeech.

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