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The bug like cybertronian scuttled over to where the boys were standing, each of its six wire-like feet tapping on the metal floor. Jack and Rafael recoiled as it leaned in, seemingly investigating them with beeps and chirps. Jack shot Rafael a look, but he just shrugged.   "I don't know what it's saying... it doesn't sound like what Bumblebee says."   Jack looked back at the mechanical insect. Definitely Cybertronian. It stood at a good two meters tall from what he could see, its body longer than it was tall. From what he thought, it looked like a giant moth. It let out another series of clicks.   "What is it?" Jack frowned.   "Oh, that's Linger! She's my symbiont." Voids voice echoed from the room over, and she entered back into the hangar with an armful of datapads. As she walked near Linger, she bent down and scooped her up with one hand, and Linger let out a warbling chirp. The boys gazed at her blankly.   Void giggled. "Ah, sorry. Long story short, she lives on my frame and keeps my spark stable. I keep her safe in return."   Raf's eyes widened. "A symbiotic relationship?"   "Precisely!" Void beamed.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

A relatively small type of cybertronian, often developed beside a symbiont-spark. Alt-mode will alter to either fit on or inside the hostframe.   The spark of a Symbiont forged alongside a Symbiont-spark is far weaker than a regular Cybertronians, and often attuned specifically for the Symbiont-spark's own spark.   Linger - Moth like. Cannot communicate verbally, must communicate through hardline, text, or translated through Void. Integrated on Void's frame. Rumble & Frenzy - Technically Minibots, however developed a Symbiont bond with Soundwave upon creation. Alt-modes created to fit inside a bots subspace.

Ecology and Habitats

Each symbiont is adapted to live with their hostmech as their own ecological niche.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most symbionts who live on their hostmechs frame won't consume raw energon. Instead, the hostmech will consume extra fuel for their symbiont to draw when docked.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief on Cybertron, Symbionts have full intelligence. "Symbionts" that are not considered intelligent or sapient are considered either a parasite or a detachable drone.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Symbionts and their hostmechs can share most sensory capabilities. This extends their senses beyond normal ranges as they can share data between them over longer distances.

Average Height
2 - 4.5m
Average Length
Variable depending on base appearance.

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