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Lowlight of Praxus

General Personality
+ Loyal + Honest + Energetic + Short temper + Rather stubborn + A bit antisocial + Witty, has a bit of an attitude + Always ready to Fight + Wants to prove himself + A little full of himself + Often takes on more than he can handle. + More dangerous than he appears, but in general terms his bark is worse than his bite. + Generally not very talkative, but not overly quiet either. + But when he gets started, he won't shut up.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

His alt-mode is a small and fast armoured cybertronian car.   + Surprisingly strong. + More agile than fast. + Wears a blue visor and a green battlemask. Only wears the blue visor on occasion. + Steel-grey protoform, with deep blue-purple plating and lighter green and blue accents.

Body Features

+ Has doorwings. + Very heavy for his size due to having toughened armour plating. + Due to having heavier armour, he also overheats quicker. He's basically a space heater.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a patch of discoloured metal on the lower left part of his face, similar to a birthmark. This was due to a mistake being made then he was being built, as he was constructed cold. His frame was given the built-in battlemask to cover it up.   Has patches of very bright colours.

Personality Characteristics


To fight things and to prove himself to others that he is worthy of being a wrecker.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

+ Can jump high + Very agile + A good shot + Decent actor when he needs to be  

    • Not too fast
  • Struggles to make friends
  • Likes & Dislikes

    Likes: + Heights + Fights + Coolant and colder climates + Destroying things + Scary stories, myths and superstitions + Doorwing scritches + Affection, although he doesn't really like to show that he likes it.   Dislikes:

      • Comments on his size
      • Organic muck
      • High grade energon and Engex
      • Falling from a great height
      • The dark, especially after reading scary stories.
      • People doubting his ability to be a wrecker.
      • Overly hot climates
  • People leaving the lids off of things.
  • Virtues & Personality perks

    + Determined + Confident + Brutally honest   + His size + Can take more hits due to his heavier plating

    Vices & Personality flaws

      • Angers very easily
      • His honesty can be too brutal sometimes
      • Gets scared and embarrassed pretty easily
      • Harbours a fear of falling
      • His size
  • Gets overheated easier
  • Personality Quirks

      • Will talk for a long time about myths and the supernatural
      • Often refuses to activate his fans when he overheats
  • Scratches at plating seams when he's nervous
  • Social

    Religious Views

    Not too entirely sure if he believes in Primus or not.

    Social Aptitude

    Generally not very talkative, but not overly quiet either. However, when he gets started, he won't shut up.

    Hobbies & Pets

    + Collecting and reading scary stories and myths + Getting into fights + Socialising with whoever his partner is socialising with

    First wave constructed-cold in Praxus
    Biological Sex
    Blue, sleepy looking.
    Aligned Organization
    The Autobots

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