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Drift of The Crystal City

Drift of Rodion (a.k.a. Deadlock)

I can't pretend that wasn't me. I can't stand back and ignore what I did, not any more.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Drift was constructed cold, off a line of speed-based frames. However, only a few hours after activation he was deemed 'surplus' from the line, and subsequently thrown into the streets with little knowledge of the world. He managed to survive almost through pure luck, managing to meet guttermechs who took pity on him and helped him survive.   He learned quickly from them, learning how to fight with all he had for what he had. Over the next several thousand years he drifted in and out of the guttermech lifestyle, his troubled beginning and general disrepair preventing him from having a job that matched his function.   After falling off the wagon again and in a drugged out stupor, he met Ratchet, who ended up saving his life.


Little to no formal education. Most of what he knows has been picked up along the way, and so he has a very patchwork knowledge of things.

Accomplishments & Achievements

+ Thanks to Drifts violent past, he rose quickly in the Decepticon ranks when the war broke out, becoming a general in the third fastest time from joining the Decepticons. He was third only to Starscream and Soundwave.   + As of Lemuria, Drift has been sober for 500,000 years.   + Stood in front of both Optimus and Megatron wearing both badges, assisting in convincing them to announce a ceasefire, which then led into the end of the war.

Failures & Embarrassments

Attempted to unseat a few of his early Decepticon commanders before his quick rank rising, and got his aft handed to him almost every time.

Mental Trauma

+ Depression
+ Anxiety

Intellectual Characteristics

+ Spiritual, however not unbearably so. Plays the act up around Ratchet and Rodimus to annoy them. + Tactile + Street Smart

Morality & Philosophy

He's had a few shifts of morals over time, always tending to land in a very morally grey area.
+ He believes in second chances, but not third chances. As of recently it upsets him a lot since he believes he's being a huge hypocrite in that regard.


Don't touch his food.

Personality Characteristics


To prove himself.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Crystals, clean smelling places, sunlight, candied energon treats, swords, races.   Dislikes: Alluding to his past, rain, the cold, sour energon.

Virtues & Personality perks

Genuine, disciplined, faithful, brave, intense, loving.

Vices & Personality flaws

Blunt, aggressive, cautious, anxious, self-sacrificial, self-deprecating, addictive personality.


Contacts & Relations

Previously the Decepticons

Religious Views

Religious, turned to it for support in tough times. Never really let it go.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic and good at appealing to crowds and individuals. However, he prefers to stand aside and let other people do it for him.

Hobbies & Pets

Spars and does kata in his spare time. Occasionally reads if he finds a book that interests him. Listens to a lot of music when he can, and uses it as a primary calming method when he feels safe enough.

Wealth & Financial state

Leeched a lot of money from the Decepticons when he left, alongside his own personal earnings.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ex-Decepticon General
Originally orange. Was red as Deadlock, now light blue.
Aligned Organization
The Autobots
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Neocybex, Hand signs.

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