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''No need to go around peddling stellations, those who are interested will come to you. Plus do you know how hard it is to get actual darkness in a market stall? Stars don't sell well at all if people can't see them shine''.  
-Stardust merchant giving advice
Also known as stells, stellas or stars, stellations are as rare as they are popular. Found exclusively within the forests of the Yvalialía, these peculiar fruits are the only known source of Stardust, a naturally occuring substance that glows in the dark.


An Odd Plant

''Get the ladder, boy, lest you wanna climb 40 meters''.
Like most things surrounding stellas and their dye, the vines from which they come (the Tzage) are notoriously hard to reach and harvest. A sort of parasite, they lay their roots on a host tree, using its height to access the Sun and stealing its nutrients to supplement their diet.    While that adaptation makes the plant's life fairly easy, Stardust harvesters aren't so happy. As much as it helps dissuade poachers, few are fond of going up and down the canopy on precariously built ladders for hours on end.   Furthermore, the treetops they like to colonize don't offer much room to work, the nesting birds not helping either.

A Spiky Fruit

''-(Ciriu): Ouch! It hurts!   -(Yvianemi, from another tree): Didn't I tell you to wear gloves?   -(Ciriu): Well, you tell me a bunch of stuff all the time, yet barely any of it is actually relevant. So how was I to know that that specific command wa-   -(Yvianemi, angry): Shut it, kid!  
-Theatre Play
Very rare
Ivory (when exposed to light), pale yellow (in the dark)
  • The most common Ania name for stellations is Yvalie, which literally means 'little star'.
  • When compared to other similar species, the Tzage is fairly self-sufficient, with other vines having lost the ability to do photosynthesis altogether.
  • Stardust harvesting is an incredibly deadly profession. 

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Cover image: by Helen Allingham


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