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Ichari (ˈi.çaˌɾi)

Itxari fis Myrelíos

''-It is indeed a fine town, don't you think?   -Well, if glow in the dark di- I mean, expensive commodities, are your thing then yes, Itxari is indeed a fine town. Maybe even the finest one around.   -I sure love expensive commodities. Though, to be fair, who doesn't...''  
-two travellers on the road
Guarding the entrance to a tunnel, Itxari is a major stopping point along the Eolare. The only major settlement in the Yvalialía, most of the forest's stellas end up here to be processed and turned into a myriad luxury goods. Furthermore, it has quite a reputation for... extravagant behaviour, shining body paint featuring in many people's dreams.


Nestled In

Placed atop the only flat area in the whole of Mount Turi, Startown proper is entirely surrounded by the mountains. East lies the way to the summit, tall enough to sustain a glacier in the middle of the Tropics, while to the north and south one can find the comparatively smaller peaks of Aría and Etseli.   Thus, only the city's western flank is left open. Although it should be noted that the slope there is quite pronounced, which makes reaching this place quite a challenge (unless one is taking the Eolare, of course).
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Startown, Castle of the Angels
  • Itxari is one of the most popular town names in the Tevakari, with over 600 settlements using it.

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Cover image: by Helen Allingham


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