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Cseu (ˈc͡çew)

''It truly must have been a place of wonders... Just imagine it, all the wealth of Empire, of the Tevakari and beyond, flowing directly into it! A city as populous as several states and home to things that can barely be imagined''.
-someone reminiscing about the distant past
The greatest city that has ever existed, Cseu sat once at the centre of history's first (and only) global empire, Anearys. Nowadays, however, things aren't quite the same, as neither the site nor the country it lead exist anymore, their remains scattered across the Shallow Sea.


By the Ynnai

''It was a sweet night
When so much beauty I found
By the Ynnai's dykes
Where all kinds of joy abound
Drawn there was I
By the smell of incense and spice
And the faint glow
Of seven dozen pleasure boats
And then to stay I was compelled
By laughter and song
Which were indeed heard all along
The sweet river's fields''
-old poem
Anearys' main river, the Ynnai cast a shadow over the Old Metropole for much of its history. Originally built a few kilometers away, Cseu's rapid growth meant it eventually reached all the way to its banks, a couple suburbs even crossing it.   However, one shouldn't let the rosy words of poets fool them, as this part of the river was far from idyllic. In fact, it is well known that most of the city's industry was located in those peripheral districts, which means the place was most likely filled with smoke and hazardous chemicals.

408 AA

Founding Date
1207 BA
Large city
2.300.000 (historical), 0 (current)
Inhabitant Demonym

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Cover image: by Helen Allingham


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