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When magic flowed freely for over a Millennium, it was suddenly ripped away. The result, everything magical, except for the most powerful beings, God's, faded or changed into mundane forms. This included most races changing into humans. Chaos ruled during the early stages of this dark age, but order was found, and instead of magic, science was explored, and flourished, but nothing yet compared to the wonders of the previous Age.   After about a thousand years of lacking, magic returned, different than before, but it was back nonetheless. Now, new races emerged from the humans, and magic flourishing in ways that brought chaos again, as these emergent people we're ostracized by some, violently in most of these cases, new factions arose, and new war spread across the only explored continents.   Now fully settled, but with a tenuous peace, the world is growing again, and adventurers work for businesses and government's alike, in this age of Steam and Sorcery. Welcome to Tethas, Welcome to Clockwork Arcana.

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