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Prosthetic Limbs

Pieces of Arcano-Tech designed to replace missing limbs


Detailing when the first prosthetic limb was created is tricky, but records exist of ancient druidic communities constructing prosthetics out of wood that would then be affixed to replace said limb. Being laced with magic, these limbs would be directly attuned to a person's soul and able to act and function as a limb with little issue. However, the art was largely lost as many of the Druidic Groves of old were reduced to a fraction of what they once were.   It wouldn't be until the end of the Ashen Affair 20 years before the Industrial Revolution that arcanists of the Xadari Magocracy would begin to make their own prosthetic limbs. Many people who were involved in the Affair returned from the battlegrounds with missing arms and legs, which lead to one of the arcanists - one Steina Vallstrum - creating the first prototypical prosthetic.

Access and Availability

In the modern day, prosthetic limbs are relatively common to people who require them, especially within the Xadari Magocracy. While most are factory-made, customised ones can be acquired for a higher price.   Black market limbs exist, often either stolen from legitimate manufacturers or created with less-than-ideal methods; these limbs tend to be cheaper and less of a hassle to acquire, but tend to not have the rigorous testing that legitimate limbs do.


Prosthetic limbs are a remarkably complex piece of arcano-tech due to trying to emulate the subtleties of a living limb - especially with the arms - but the implementation of magical resources makes the construction far easier than it would be if it was strictly technological.   Along with the physical construction of the prosthetic itself, a series of arcane implements must be installed on the arm in order to facilitate the precise, dexterous movements that a limb needs to make, especially with arms and hands. These arcane implements vary in terms of how they look; most tend to look like small gemstones or runes embedded on the casing of the armour, though other variations exist such as metallic bands.


Prosthetic limbs are primarily used to replace the function of a missing or severely damaged limb on a humanoid being, to give a person full functionality.   As with any good discovery, people found ways to weaponize it. Some soldiers or adventuring types who have their limbs replaced by prosthetics request that the limb has some kind of built-in weaponry; the specific type of weapon varies, but common ones are built in bolt launchers, pistols, or retractable daggers. Arcanists will often ask to have their limb modified to either implement or entirely replace their arcane focus.

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