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Clan of the Lupus Noster

Spreading their religion, these maniacal werewolves fight for their savior. Concrete in their principals, they are loyal, motivated, and persistent. Drinking the blood of victims on the manic night of the Blood Moon as the Army of the Night rages upon the countryside.
The Alpha leads the packs in their endeavors and rites. They are chosen through a meeting of Beta elders. They hide from the public on days and moonless nights. Hiding in secrecy in the forests and woods, they attack unsuspecting travelers on nights of the full moon. When the moon shines red, their power grows and they actively hunt for the nonbelievers. Never showing their true, bloodthirsty form until it is too late, they stalk their next attack for weeks until they deem it right to rush and attack.
Defeating a werewolf does not kill it, but rather lights it aflame and is dragged to The Nine Hells to recover. Once recovered, it will manifest out of the eternal flame raging in their abandoned cathedral. The true way to kill a werewolf is through silver and magic weapons.
The Army of the Night, the Clan of the Lupus Noster, fight in the name of their savage messiah. Heeding the words in their sacred texts, they worship their lord by feasting on the souls and body of the non-believer. Believing the blood moon to be a holy message, they seek out all they can to satisfy their eternal hunger.
Their Savior, Rasso, fought the demons as the chosen one, Son of the Wolf. His death at the hand of the people he sought to protect would be the catalyst for the terror his kin would cause. His body was lit in a fire as a warning to all who would dare to steer out of the norms of their town or village. When the blood moon came, a fire was lit by his children in the forest. As part of this rite, the ashes of his body were spread into the fire and arose a religiously crazed Rasso.
This resurrection would cause the decimation of the country side. And as the sun rose, the guards who responded to the cries of the survivors, would gaze upon the ashes of crops and villages with bodies strewn all about. This massacre shunned and scorned the few of the clan that would trade and work in society, and filled the family with spite for all the common folk.

The public's feelings of scorn and terror towards the beast men would fuel stories of the family and elevate the heroes who stood up to the hairy fiends. Now a days, the Clan is spread around the forests and woods of the kingdom. They now gather together for the blood moon at the cathedral centered around the still burning pyre where their savior rose from the dead.
     They seek to commence a ritual that would make the Blood Moon rise and stay in the sky forever more. Thus, allowing the clan to dominate over all as they see fit. The ritual requires: the flesh and blood of nonbelievers of 5 races, the sacrifice of a young druid, and the remnants of the Nocturnal Maiden.
Religious, Cult

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