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  • A tropical, seismically-active island archipelago in the west.
  • A tropical subcontinent in the east, connected to a larger temperate continent up north.
  • The subcontinent has ample resources of a rare, valuable "magical" resource which allow them to construct the Steampunk engines. 
Culture & History
  • Historical Asian / Nusantara x Steampunk culture & tech across the archipelago & subcontinent.
  • A more Byzantine x Steampunk culture to the north
  • Diverse ethnicity across archipelago, but mostly homogenous within each locale, with contact across ethnics are based on mostly trade & recently imperialist expansionism.
  • The eastern subcontinent used to be a center of Steampunk research, but the collapse of the previous regime let to a warring state period which saw a massive brain drain to the west & north, which benefitted from this brain drain.
  • The western archipelago is a more maritime society. Conflict is often based on trade, but the industrial revolution also necessitates conflict for the rare valuable "magical" resources which fuels the steampunk apparatus.
Politics & Society
  • Long history of monarchism, with most regions still have monarchical & aristocratic culture.
  • Rising regional city-states powered by multinational trade, especially in the western archipelago, leading to a rising conflict between the new mercantilists and the old aristocratic oligarchy.
  • Rising expansionism of the northern & eastern empires has caused rising nationalism & tension within the region, especially in the border area.
  • With the industrial revolution & rising global tension comes ideological stances on economy & liberty, which threatens the current regimes' hold of power. The regimes then utilizes (and sometimes manufactures) conflict to legitimize their power, but the longer they ignore the core societal issues at hand, the more radical the revolutionaries become. 
Philosophical & Narrative theme 
  • A looming border between the north and the east conflict threatens the business of a minor trading company. The arrogant, once-heir of the family business sets out to prove their legitimacy by ensuring the continuation of the company through setting up a post in the west. He has to choose between saving his family or confronting the legacy of mercantilism which has contributed to his family's fortune while at the same time fuels the suffering & discontent in the region.