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Sultans of Hashmot

A group of the richest and most powerful traders in the Floating City of Hashmot. Said to own enough gold each to sink Hashmot itself back onto the ground, these men usually reside in the pleasure palaces and gardens of the influential districts. Their personal homes house a collection of fine jewels, artefacts and relics.


The council of Sultan's do not have a fixed structure. Instead they convene twice a week to discuss current matters and make any decisions that arise. During this time they will enjoy the tranquility and cool air of one of Hasmot's many gardens. It is customary for one of the sultans to fund each meeting. This includes providing sufficient food and drink for all attending. The Sultan's usually use these events as an excuse to flaunt their riches before the rest of the council members.


The Sultan's are merchants first and foremost. Each of them have made their fortune, usually through a fleet of Stone Barge's, and their wealth has earned their place in the council. The days of a Sultan are mostly spent lounging in their enormous villa's in Hashmot or strolling through the many gardens.   Hashmot is one of the very few places in The Mortal Realm where slaves are not outlawed. The Sultan's use their influence and wealth to ensure this remains the case. Most, if not all, of their employees are slaves. The Sultan's will often employ slaves as bodyguards on their Stone Barge's and will have slave-wizards power their older barges instead of buying new levitation stones. Regardless of it's illegal nature, the trade of this taboo commodity has also proven lucrative throughout the world.


There is a saying in Hashmot: The weight of the gold of the Sultans could sink Hashmot ten times over.   The assets of the individual council members are varied. They mostly include a number of Stone Barge fleets and legions of slaves. Most of the members are also merchants and as such own waste warehouses of trade goods.

The gold is in the sky.

Geopolitical, City council
Controlled Territories


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