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Floating City of Hashmot

In the middle of the Chanob Desert desert, the Floating City of Hashmot is a shining beacon of civilisation between the harsh sands of the desert below. Or it would be, if it was not a den of slavery and piracy. It is the central gathering point of the Stone Barge fleets of the merchants and slavers that work across the desert.


The city of Hashmot is made up of almost every ethnicity found in The Mortal Realm. Many come to the city in search of wealth or adventure working on the Stone Barge's that fly over the desert landscape. Those that arrive in the city with hope in their hearts quickly find their dreams shattered with the reality of life there. While it is true that the merchant lords, the Sultans of Hashmot, live in large imposing mansions and villa's. Most of the cities inhabitants live in squalor on the edges of the great floating stone that the city rests upon. They work menial jobs and are often very close to the slaves they work alongside. To secure their position and prevent excessive competition that could harm their income the Sultans have ensured it is incredibly hard to rise above your rank within the city.


High above the sands of the Chanob Desert there are no known threats to Hashmot. Because of this the city has no defences against any attackers. It does, however, have a few regiments of city guard. This is mostly to protect the affluent merchants and businesspeople of the upper district. The middle and lower district are usually left to govern and police themselves.

Industry & Trade

The wealth of Hashmot is accrued in three ways:   The Stone Barges Several wealthy businesspeople of the city own fleets of these floating vessels. They rent out these to the rich merchants of the areas surrounding the Chanob Desert.   Slaves While slaves are banned in most other countries in The Mortal Realm the slave merchants of Hashmot manage to make a remarkable amount of money through selling this extremely controversial commodity.   Goods Many of the merchants of the city will use their Stone Barge fleets to purchase goods in a country and then sail them across the desert to sell in a different country.


The city is broken into three main districts. The upper district where the most wealthy of the city's residents reside. Here you can find the decadent houses of the Stone Barge fleet captains, slave traders and goods merchants. There are also multiple gardens scattered throughout the area.   The middle district is mostly small businesses. Salesmen and woman that try and carve out an existence peddling their wares to their fellow impoverished. These citizens usually live in marginally better conditions as they have a means of income.   The outer circle of slums. This is where most of the citizens of Hashmot live. In little shanty towns dotted around the edge of the middle district, these citizens barely get by. They usually work for the affluent merchants in the upper district. These people are usually akin to slaves, with only their freedom to differentiate them.
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