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to test features and try to break Dimitris's work (Sorry pal, it's for your own good :D )   -----   Please create a note with the description of the bug and how it happened if you can.   Something like:   I had an article crash with error 500.   -create article -add blabla bla -do this It crashes     Thanks you :)

===== Verti just testing vignette linking======
Known Bug 07/sept/2018: Placeholder Link is not getting rendered
a exists and therefore works, but
An unknown Person doe snot exist. -> text is only bold
====== end of Verti testing ======
  ===== TJ just testing vignette bbcode====== known bugs 28/11 : bbcode shows up here on author page bold italic

url in h2

Anvil cover
====== end of TJ testing ======

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