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The Successors

The second generation of deities is known as The Successors. The Progenitors were responsible for creating the foundation of the multiple realms, but the Successors were endowed with the powers to discover and embellish the worlds that the generation before created.   The first of the Successors in every discussion is the children of Iarae and Ydis. They had four children: their sons Hemes and Symos, and daughters Litar and Entuna. They asked their children to roam the realms and judge what they and the other progenitors created. Hemes always relished his time in the sunny rays of his mother's creation and brought with him an aura of warmth. Symos on the other hand, his footprints brought with him frost, yet he always relished the feeling of the snow beneath his father's binary moonlight. Litar she enjoyed walking among nature, specifically the natural crops, from the rolling fields of rice and the hanging apples from the forest. She picked them free and ate plentifully. Entuna, initially walking the barren areas of the material plane, grew the many various flowers and plant life that would spread across the many realms. These four gods would soon be worshipped by the many living creatures of the world not only for their associated season but the celebrations that would happen during those seasons. For example, Litar will reliably receive many prayers and sacrifices so that the harvest may be plentiful, and the dwarves would ask for Symos' favor for safety during their Yule Moon celebration.   The next successor to discuss is known as Gestia. As the four children wandered even more across the multiple planes, each establishing each rule and creations haphazardly, it began to directly conflict with each other. However, in the one, beautiful region, where all four of their changes harmonized, Gestia emerged. She was the middle ground, the one that managed to find balance between the four other successors and the effects they had on the material plane. They were able to establish rhythm harmony. To guard and protect the harmony she established, she created nymphs, dryads, and the other forces of nature. But she also knew that there needed to be creatures to enjoy the harmony. She created the various animals that grew to permeate every area of the many realms. But nevertheless, she felt her work was unfinished. Thus she began work on an array of more advanced creatures, whom she imparted with the gift of the gods: sentience. She finished with creating the multitude of races that peppered the world. She watched as the many different races she created their own societies and turned to worship the gods.

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