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The Progenitors

The growth of the pantheon of this world is defined by generations. The first generation known as the progenitors, is exactly what it sounds like.
  They were the first to emerge from battle and death of the two celestials. The first to discuss is the almighty arbiters of time: Avais, Oesis, and Ihan. Each were there before any other deities to came to awareness and each claim to command a different facet of time.
  Aside from the arbiters of time, the first to emerge from the cataclysm, from the eyes of the two deceased bodies specifically, is Iarae and Ydis. By this time, the resting place of the two enormous bodies seemed more to be one rather than two. From the now crystalized shattered bones of the two warriors Binir rose from among them. Nehnia emerged from the mortal wound from Urus and Fulion from the similar wound in Sidis. As these five were deeper within the death rubble. Berus was found inside Urus' lungs. Vermorr was found rough skin of Sidis. Anir was found in Sidis' free hand still clutching its thumb. Gesyn was in Urus' mouth hiding behind his teeth. Finally, in the deepest part of the resting place they found Mortia.
  After the death of Urus and Sidis, and the subsequent sealing of the void, the methods of creation across all the various realms that are not separated, all of reality was a patchwork of creation. All of the gods and goddesses sought to mold and shape this various reality in the way that they desired. Iarae lead this with the help of Nehnia, closing and cordoning of the walls between the different realms and establishing ports of access between them. Iarae decided that she would guard the primary, material plane as the sun. Ydis reflected upon the place from which they came with Fulion and decided he would direct the two moons in memory of them. Binir, wanting to be among all of his fellow deities and help who he could, commanded the many stars of the night sky to commemorate their tale. The remaining four, Berus, Vemorr, Anir, and Gesyn realized they commanded one of the four fundamental elements of the material plane.
  Together these thirteen deities make up the first generation, or the Progenitors. They possess the greatest concentration of divine power as they are all direct offshoots of the original empowered beings of Urus and Sidis.

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