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Creation Story

Before the birth of everything, referred to as the Cataclysm. Adrift amidst the cosmic wilderness and dimensional intersections, nothing could exist. All things that dared brace the infinite expanse were consumed by the void. There existed only two eternal beings with enough strength and power to withstand the jaws of oblivion. These two celestials represented the two foundational tenets of creation, order and chaos.   Urus embodied the pull for order and harmony, they were tactful and wise. They never wasted energy but when the time came to strike they wasted no time. Its weakness was that was always too quick to underestimate its opponent. Sidis behaved what humanity would describe as animalistic. Its chaotic and anarchic nature, of which it represented, was greatly reflected in its interaction with Urus. While it may not have displayed intelligence, its instinct was a great strength. Its weakness lied again in their chaotic attack pattern, leaving them open to strong attacks from their opponent.   At the height of their conflict, they both realized they needed something else, another component to defeat their enemy: a weapon. Urus rushed to the center of exploding stars. In the center of the burning star, the eternal ripped out spear of pure light. Sidis ran to one of the void's many opening in the midst of swallowing a barren planet. Sidis broke through the crust and ripped out the core. They then, using dark's crushing power, compressed it into a sword. The two of them, fully armed, engaged in what they planned to be their last battle. The two eternal beings fought and rolled throughout the unlimited expanse of reality. Until, blooded and beaten, after eternities clashing and slashing the battle reaches its climax. Sidis leapt to impale Urus upon their sword at the same time Urus thrust their spear to his enemy. They both killed the other in the same instant. The golden ichor that flowed from their open wounds spilt from the two now dead bodies spread over all of reality where they had fought. As the void began to draw in the divine blood through its various openings, all that touched it drew closed. Eventually, the insatiable maw was permanently separated from the plane of reality.

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