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The Groden are quadrupedal giant lizards which when fully grown stand approximately 4 feet tall at the body and 5 feet at the head. From their nose to the tip of their take they can grow to 10 feet in length. Covered in dark green scales the Groden camoflage seemlessly into the environment and are voracious stealthy hunters.   The Term Groden refers to three specific subspecies which can no longer interbreed and might one day be consider a thier own species. Known subspecies live exclusively in the Gram'gan jungle. It is unknown if they are able to survive in an arid or temperate climate.   Subspecies   Climbers: Bread and raised exclusively by the Gren. Through generations of selective breeding the Gren have developed a giant beast of burden capable of moving nimbly through the forest. They ride them both into battle and use them civilly in construction and the transportation of goods. It is said that all Gren Settlements are built on the backs of a Groden and for the most part its true. The Groden form an integral part of Gren society and are necessary for their survival. The Groden are treated like beloved pets and intentionally harming one that has been tamed is punishable by death.  
  • Climb speed 40 feet: Suction cups on its hands and feet allow it to easily climb trees and stay off the ground. Its great size and strength means it can carry significant loads great distances.
  • Glide: When unencumbered or carrying no more than a single Grenn, the Groden can flatten stomach and glide from tree to tree dropping 10 feet for every 30 feet traveled (Yes, in my world frogs ride lizards).
  Swimmers: These Groden spend the majority of life in the water, specificly in the ________ Delta. Wild and fierce, the giant lizards attack anything they can perceive as food.  
  • Poison immunity: Living in the delta they are exposed to a great deal of toxins and ocean salt. The Groden has an organ similar to the liver/kidneys which purifies the Grodens blood storing poisons in salt, keeping it healthy. When enough toxic salt has built up it is expelled through the Groden's nose. If a Groden has not been in saltwater for 2 weeks it loses this ability. To regain this ability the Groden must spend at least 2 hours in salt water.
  • Swim Speed 40 feet
  Diggers: The rarest of the Groden. Thought to be the progenitor species, These Groden are larger than the other two species with razor like forearms that can be folded backwards when not digging. They seek thier prey in all environments and are feared throughout the jungle.  
  • Dig Speed 10 feet: Using its powerful claws and forearms, the Groden can dislodge large swathes of earth allowing it to dig at a prodigious rate.
  • Climb Speed 10 feet: By digging its clacks into trees it can slowly make its way up. This however leaves very evident marks giving advantage on tracking against it.
  • 2 Claw Attacks: The most martially powerful of the Groden, the Diggers are significantly more dangerous than their counterparts.

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