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The Reclaimed Remnants

When a person becomes an etherious or sentient remnant, aside from one substantial change and the occasional retrograde amnesia, not much is physically different. They still have access to their physical and ether abilities like ether cloaking, core regeneration, or aspect traits, they are not weakened in any sense in fact the opposite, and they can function as a regular etherious person. It is argued that all people are just incorporeal energies in a physical body. After the person's survival of being consumed by Id, if there was without witness, they could remain oblivious to it as the whole experience would have felt like a short bout of pain, only realizing their new self when they learn a skill unique to etherious remnants which is the reason they are considered by some to be very fortunate.  
The Next Steps of Evolution
Etherious Remnants gain a few new capabilities, they have access to their remnant form and its abilities. By leaving their body to a degree, their form as a remnant can emerge and act independently from their physical body allowing the person to utilize both forms simultaneously. Their remnant form can separate completely with the physical form or manifest as mutations or in someway attached to the body. If completely separate the two bodies can rarely stray to far from one another but the remnant can easily retreat back into the physical one by unsummoning. Along with the new body is often another new unique ability. If their etherious ability reflected a portion of the bearer's personality and nature, their Id ability and remnant body does this more so making the three intrinsically related and similar, but still separate from one-another. An Id ability is completely unique to the individual with no inheriting factors, but often have great costs. Overuse of any ability can lead to unwanted consequences but remnant abilities have some specific ones. Some id abilities may even be accessed to a certain extent without even needing to activate the remnant body, though the remnant must be summoned to access the ability's full capabilities.

Consequences and Side-Effects
Firstly since the person's remnant for is technically their true forms, any harm towards it will cause pain to the person and force it to retreat back into the body but will not cause any physical harm. Secondly to use their remnant form and by extension Id ability, one must "let go" to an extent and if they go too far they may begin to forfeit rational thought and stability effectively entering a mentally-impaired feral state and will remain this way until subdued or allowed to frenzy until rendered unconscious with exhaustion, becoming undifferentiable from a non-etherious remnant for a time. Finally, Id abilities are often much more costly than etherious ones, enough to be particularly damaging, and when one is in a state where they've completely "let go" and using the ability with reckless abandon, they can do significant harm to themselves and others.
These are all the physical and etherious changes, but they are not immune to societal views.
Treatment in Society and Extra Information
If lucky, they will be in a position where views on them only change for the better as they are sought after for their abilities which could serve them well in certain lines of work, especially hunters, where they are heavily advised to pursue and often do. But of course, the world is imperfect, and the label of remnant has many stigmas surrounding it such that they are monsters, a threat to society, and should not be treated as a person. Fear, discrimination and disapproval may be quite a hindrance in certain sects. Many are under protection and slightly increased surveillance from the authorities if problems arise. Despite the stigmas, the currently rather small Id population has reached the conclusion that despite being "monsters" they are still them, people who can grow and change.

Basic Information


The original body doesn't experience any direct change unless a complication ensues. The remnant body however can take a variety of forms entirely dependent on the characteristics of their personality, nature, emotions and cognition.

Growth Rate & Stages

Both forms can develop, the original body will grow and develop as normal but the remnant can have more drastic changes and developments corresponding with any major cognitive changes as the remnant body can be said to be mind made manifest.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They can virtually be wherever sentient species exist

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

An Id ability can be accessed. The more experienced can even utilize it to varying degrees without needing to bring out the remnant.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They often retain their old names but many also give another name to the remnant as well
It has been a few decades since the Renaissance Project but it still continues and has branched into many more institutions dedicated toward the subject
Though it was once considered a condition, its now treated like a subspecies. For example these people are called remnant human, seraph, daemos, wyverian or whatever species they may be.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Etherious Remnant
Conservation Status
Currently all Renaissance are kept on a certain degree of surveillance and require occasional testing.
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