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Study of Id and ether

  • Documentation of discoveries regarding Id and its relation to ether

  •   Id is the reoccurring product of one form of etherious auto-manifestation, often intangible in nature and can be found in varying concentrations based on factors including: ether saturation within the area, the existence of separate entities within the same location, influence of any directed cognition and presence of any Id manifestation. Upon high enough concentrations Id influence within a single point may result in the creation of a group of life-forms and phenomena under scientific classification of Gnoscanima then split into the three major categories of Mnemanima, Emoveranima or Ideanima, which in turn can be split into a countless amount of specific species-like distinctions such as traumus or amoros. the products of which are colloquially known under thousands of names depending on the area. Gnoscanima, better known as Id manifestations is known and studied for its unique property of retaining ether's ability to ignore and alter any and all phenomena depending on it's nature, but unlike ether who's nature may evolve on its own accord, but is isolated from outside influence, Id can itself be altered by outside cognition and metaphysical concepts born from any other existence. While ether is more "nature", Id is more "nurture". Id is merely ether who nature has become unstable and subject to change due to an outside concept.

    Beings born from Id have been impossible to morphologically define due to their innately indefinite form, akin to how ether cannot be easily classified either, but the central dogma that Id's binomial nomenclature is currently based from is their origins.

    Their "Genus" consists of the three classifications of Mnemanima, Emoveranima and Idanima, dictating that the manifestation in question was born from either a memory, emotion or thought. Their "Species" is dictated by whatever specific instance led to the dominate aspect's formation such as a certain memory, a strong feeling of anger or one own imagination. For example an Id creature born from a the fear of spiders would be scientifically known as Emoveranima arachniphobus or an entity born from the very concept machines would be known as Ideanima mechanus. Even unexpected things can be classified as Id, for example elementally attuned ether, despite its name, is technically Id classified as Ideanima elementum, born from the concept of elements being imprinted into unstable ether. Though, individual manifestations may be classified exactly the same but still have features unique to the individual.

    Natural Formation and Growth
    Stagnant ether and Id is currently observed to be naturally omnipresent with varying concentrations depending on the location and as such, any location with living creatures is bound to some degree of etherious destabilization resulting in pure unattuned Id that will often quickly emulate whatever cognition or concept comes its way and continue this process indefinitely while retaining it's dominant features. This process is continuous and Id can consume, then reattune other weaker Id to add to itself as Id are naturally attracted to each other unless their nature dictates otherwise. This process or assimilation and growth repeats until it may take a tangible form and carry out whatever nature it has nurtured until it's destruction or natural decay.

    Powers and Capabilities
    In the early developmental stages of an Id being they remain as amorphous and abstract entities that have extremely limited ways to interact with anything aside from collecting enough strength until they can gain a degree of tangibility. Once they have gained gained enough strength, they may take a physical form to better collect strength by seeking-out newly accessible sources. This physical form may differ greatly from Id to Id due to the nuances of the cognition that birthed them. It is at this stage where they may become dangerous and their growth may rapidly increase because they have reached the point where they have their own "existence" and are able to influence ether. Now they no longer have to seek other Id to grow in strength but need only a source of ether to destabilize and make it's own Id to further grow. The more strength they gain by either taking in more ether or cognition they may gain further unique abilities and complexities. Two abilities that seem to be possessed by all notably strong Id is the ability to create gates to protect themselves and act as a nest of sorts. Gates being spaces that the Id entity has made to acclimate to its own needs. The second is to create off-shoots of itself know as Id familiars to act on its behalf.

    Elimination and Destruction
    Creatures of Id, despite all their danger and abilities, are still vulnerable to the same threats as any other living being. Though not always necessarily having a body system to disrupt and kill, enough physical trauma and damage to anything vital to its being will lead to the collapse of their cognition's integrity, and without that cogitative nature that acts as the frame that which it's built from, it will cease and dissipate back into ether. The other way to eliminate Id is for them to absorbed by another more powerful Id and instead of being reduced back into ether, they are assimilated by the other and have their nature be overwritten and all their ether and cognition now belonging to the new owner. Some Id have even been observed to keep some parts of their victim's consumed cognition and add it to themselves to gain new abilities.

    In Relation to Others
    Id creatures are often dangerous unless their nature dictates otherwise. If there is nothing inhibiting an Id's natural desire to grow, it can prove a threat to any other living creature including other Id as they are an abundant source of everything they need to prosper. Though on rare occasion, there may be Id that may be beneficial as they were born from something benevolent and their nature dictates that they act as a guardian of a certain land, or only target other Id and no other creature. Simply that the fashion which they strengthen themselves pose no immediate threat. It has been observed that the more sophisticated Id creatures may display varying degrees of intelligence, able to plan, strategize or act alongside other Id for a mutual goal. In the rarest possible scenario some Id creatures can develop complete etherious sentience displayed by the creation of an ether core of their own, at which are often either immediately hunted down due to posing an immense threat, or if fortunate enough, can acclimate themselves to society and live as an etherious.

    These people often then manifest themselves a human form and are recognized as a Renaissance, their original form being their remnant body, with the abilities of their etherious and Id abilities. Many benevolent Id are observed to have gained this sentience. One occurrence unique to Id that have developed sentience, and by extension Renaissance, is that they can no longer gather strength as non-sentient Id do, unable naturally and perpetually grow them-self with their own ether and cognition as well as being unable to consume other Id to add to itself to gain power. Now, they are limited to gaining strength the same way people gain strength since now the only difference from between them and those born people are their origin, and as such deserve to be treated as such. It's estimated that the presumed 8% of the populous having an Id component is drastically inaccurate, with a great majorities of these people simply haven't disclosed this understandably intimate information. It is unknown what induces the development of sentience but is still nevertheless a great marvel.
    Study, Scientific

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