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Research paper of Luca Doppel - Third Excerpt {Doppelgänger}

Approvisement de la Soi
Unfortunately, those who have fallen into a remnant become forever lost to themselves and those who seemed to regain it, never truly lost it. An etherious awakening is a once in a life-time event, in the sense that it may only ever happen once. An etherious is freed from the risk of becoming a remnant as their awakening had already ended in a success. Though who seemingly undergo a transformation into a remnant despite being an etherious had already been transformed, too soft to resist, but too strong to break. This false transformations is often them just them being a bit overwhelmed by a little self-discovery.
Although, this rather recent discovery has cast a dark shadow over the many executions of "remnants" that were born from "etherious".

Perennial Perseverance
The reward of this brush with oblivion is simply the conscious control of ones phantasmal form. There are some physical changes upon becoming a renaissance, but they are quite obscure and easy to miss. The most drastic of which being the separation between one and their biological body. Despite it being the original it is no longer the one they truly inhabit, though acting and feeling the same while being very useful in many fashions, it is no longer necessarily a necessity.
The bodies of other people and etherious are like shells to snails, born and grow with it while incapable of living without it. Renaissance on the other hand are more akin to hermit crabs, merely dwelling within them and have the capability to acquire a new one. Though, contrary to these crustaceans, renaissance can grow and regrow their "shells". The body they inhabit will grow and change as it should, providing them will all of the proper senses and capabilities, both physical and etherious while not necessarily needing to be the original. However, akin to etherious, a renaissance may recreate their original body to inhabit. But unlike an etherious, their body is no longer an anchor that binds them to life, instead that honor now belongs to their new body.

  Ghost in the Shell
Behind the anthropomorphic outward appearance lies their actual body, or at least the approximation of what's considered a body. Without prior knowledge a person wouldn't be able to distinguish a remnant and a renaissance's actual body, the only assumed difference is their sentience. The body of a renaissance, commonly referred to as the person's remnant, consist purely of Id and as such may take an innumerable amount of forms unique to the individual.
This form is a physical manifestation of the culminative psyche of that person in the form of Id, so many of its characteristics directly reflect the individual, and since one's mind grow overtime, this form may change with it. An individual's remnant body is often named and may be classified under two categories.
Type: Entity remnant forms manifest as a separate body that can act independent from their inhabited body. These types often emerge from the original but are detached, they are still controlled by the renaissance but are rarely able to stray too far from the inhabited body.
Type: Mutation remnant forms are directly attached to their body akin to another appendage, some remnant forms can temporarily separate from the main body but unable to remain so for long. This remnant form is only a portion of the complete renaissance as the rest, and often majority, of them remain within the inhabited main body. Renaissance are quite persistent as they have multiple faculties that keep them alive. they are not dissimilar from etherious as they still are capable of cloaking, bodily regeneration and still retain a core, but now they have their capabilities as an Id to protect themselves as well.
Renaissance survive as long as their core or remnant body persists, and since it is merely inhabiting the physical body, it may still function despite normally incapacitating damage to the body. Though since a majority of them still reside in their physical body, its destruction will dispatch the remnant within as well, though this could prove difficult due to their abilities.

Territorial Expansion
A renaissance can employ their capabilities, aptly named "Id" or "Renaissance" abilities, just as if employing their etherious abilities as they two are interconnected. The stabilization and concentration of the Id aspect in an etherious allows their ability to appear in a practically endless variations whereas "Id" abilities are simply the Id aspect left unconcentrated and disseminated allowing for a differing manifestation of the same facets. Appearance-wise, etherious abilities are partially forged from the instance that induced it while the Id ability is a "rudimentary" usage of a personal superimposed reality.
All renaissance abilities retain the same fundamental capability, gate creation, and by extension familiar creation. This fact is true in spite of how disconnected the ability may seem since "Id abilities" are simply the main ability of remnants but governed by a person. These gates, familiars or both are extremely unique to each individual similar to etherious abilities, the individual nuances and characteristics of each gate and familiar leading to their unique capabilities.
Familiars are simply existences born from and bound to another's unique reality while gates are spaces that contain an individual's augmented reality. These two capabilities are the base for every other unique ability of both remnant and renaissance.
Gate creation is currently seen as the purest form of ether, in a sense the closest thing we have to true reality bending, the abilities of those with a core are more composite and structured. Though, purity does not mean superiority, there are many documented abilities that could be considered "superior" in term of innate power, as well as those those who have access to what can be called gates or familiars despite not being a renaissance. Renaissance are not inherently stronger than an etherious with the only true difference in their abilities is stability. While some consider etherious abilities as "diluted" others say "refined".  

There are a few renaissance that have been studied whose remnant form that best illustrate the unique eccentricities but invariably same ability of gates and familiars.

▇▇▇▇▇ belonging to ▇▇▇▇▇ is a prime example of a familiar creation based Id ability since each insect and insectoid can be classified as an Id familiar.

▇▇▇▇▇ belonging to ▇▇▇▇▇ is a prime example of a gate creation based Id ability since the manifested endless ocean is considered a gate.

▇▇▇▇▇ and ▇▇▇▇▇ belonging to ▇▇▇▇▇ and ▇▇▇▇▇ are perfect examples of Id abilities who utilize gate and familiar creation in fashions that do not make the connection immediately apparent. The web-like projections that induce the glitching effect are technically small pockets of ▇▇▇▇▇'s gate whose augmented space induces said effect. The distortion of ▇▇▇▇▇ is an unformed and deconstructed gate whose manipulative properties are the augmented reality of the gate while the reformed and manipulated Id manifestations, despite sometimes appearing as mundane objects, are considered familiars.

Despite the false connotations that Renaissance have two abilities, what is currently considered a Renaissance's "etherious" ability is simply how much for their "Id" ability can be drawn out without needing to completely call out their remnant form. In truth they only have one singular ability just like an etherious.
Study, Scientific

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