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As cruel as Id can be, there is a single fiber of silver lining, discovered by accident and quite recently by the hunter and scientist Luca Doppel. Doppel was a leading scientist in the study of captured remnants to discover more efficient forms of termination until he was provided with a unique sample. This sample named Sylvester was completely docile unlike the other samples who were very dangerous and difficult to handle. Doppel took an interest to Sylvester and preformed a few special tests and experiments before having the breakthrough of the century. Doppel observed that Sylvester has been demonstrating very human-like or sentient traits, Sylvester as been observed to display emotions and thoughts, and most importantly Luca Doppel's unique ability classified him as an empath and after deciding to attempt to use his ability on Sylvester which should be impossible for Ids lack emotion or mind, he learned that this remnant was feeling a great amount of genuine fear, something Id and by extension remnants cannot do.  
The Renaissance Project
This discovery lead to the development of the renaissance project, dedicated to further study on Sylvester. Soon it was discovered that the etherious aspects remained within Sylvester's ether alongside the Id aspect which should have completely destroyed any other aspect. The same technology that allowed the soul aspect to be identified was also available commercially for doctors to check aspects in their patients and it was not long before a patient in the country Halcyon was found to have the aspect of Id in their ether despite being a completely normal Daemos. This Daemos, Charlotte Judeca, was immediatly sent to Doppel for study, with Judeca's consent. With the help of Sylvester's and Judeca's compliance Doppel theorized that some remnants hatched prematurely and were unable to take over their host allowing them to survive the only partial and pseudo-"transformation". This lead to the creation of a new body meant for Sylvester. This process was a success and Sylvester inhabited the human body and was able to function normally after rehabilitation, but Sylvester's original identity could not be found. The success of this experiment seemingly proved Doppel's Theory and won him many awards. Though he assumed Sylvester was just a rare case where they got separated from their body and were unable to re-inhabit it, doubts led to more study and an uncomfortable discovery. Doppel rewrote his theory as he discovered no evidence of premature emergence and that if the transformation was partial, why could Sylvester inhabit a body that was not theirs. The current and accepted theory that Doppel has made and still stands is that it wasn't a partial transformation, those like Sylvester and Charlotte Judeca with the aspect of Id have died and have become remnants that somehow kept their sanity and soul and are simply residing in the body that under normal circumstance would have been left behind to decay, that they are technically no longer people, but Id in a human shell. They are commonly referred to as the renaissance.   Less than 5% of the global population have been documented to have this condition, but due to certain traits that will be further explored, its often seen as lucky to have it.

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