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Etherious Abilities as seen by the major populace

Aside from the universal applications of ether and any physical abilities, etherious can sometimes develop a unique Aspect that grants them a unique ability. In modern day abilities are common enough that most people wouldn't bat an eye, but uncommon enough that not everyone would have one, about 20% of the population have been recorded to have access to one.  
Basic explanation
Abilities are the outcome of a unique Aspect found within an individual's ether like soul or daemonic. That unique Aspect allows the user access to an anomaly within their individual ether that can be grown and trained. These abilities are fueled by one's own ether, thus abilities become weaker the less supply one has left, but ether is automatically replenished overtime through naturally absorbing ambient ether or through the slow generation of more. Though, ether is rarely the price as many abilities strain or drain other aspects of the user.
Abilities can exist in a probably near-infinite amount of fashions such as a dominion over something, enhancement or additions to the body separate from their ordinary biology, the causing events that shouldn't occur under normal circumstances and an uncountable more myriads of effects and costs. This aspect, unlike every other etherious aspect, has a physical component, their core. This little stone, often somewhere in the chest cavity, is the matrix of a being and is the conduit of one's ability. Only those awakened to an ability have a core.
Abilities can appear at random but often have a triggering incident that makes them known to the user, these moments are referred to as "Awakenings". Its been observed abilities are innate at birth but simply remain unknown to the user but its not impossible for an ability to develop later in life often due to a catalyst of sorts. It is not uncommon for hereditary abilities to exist where a lineage has access to their unique ability, but in most cases abilities are like random mutations and even if the ability itself is not heredity, its common for their children to have a similar trait to their ability. A core manifests within the body as well and often cause temporary illness depending on the location of its manifestation as a small rock appeared inside the body. It has been observed and studied that in the subsequent generations of the etherious, abilities are growing in commonality and strength, perhaps eventually becoming 40% or higher.
The ability or ether core is the proof of an awakening and acts as the medium of which one's being is expressed as an ability. After an awakening and subsequent core creation they can have it removed and kept externally or kept internally. Cores can be a multitude of colours depending on the individual with their own unique cuts and design. These cores are not indestructible, ones ability may become difficult to use if cracked, and if broken, their owner will lose access to their ability and any control over ether conduction. This lead to a uniquely unpleasant experience described as being winded, but in their very being. Though it isn't permanent, their core will eventually reform inside of their body in due time.  
Fitting it's title, the core is not just the conduit of abilities, but a culmination of a being. It contains the growing scaffolding and blueprint to ones existence, allowing a person to regain what is potentially lost. If someone without an ability and ensuing core per se losses a limb, it's lost to them, but if said person had a core prior to that event, it may be recovered. The extent of this restorative ability even allows for a person to be saved even if their entire body is destroyed, as long as the core remains, akin to an anchor to life. If a core is destroyed, the owner is rendered as if they never had one and any damage that cannot be remedied or healed with modern technology is gone. A person can survive without a core, and they can survive through their core if they lose their body, but if both are lost, so are they.

It can be rather difficult to document and classify etherious abilities as like their user, they can grow and change as well as there seems to always be an exception. The current system in use is the Archetype System, which categorizes abilities based on effects and appearance. When a person awakens to their ability its often categorized into an existing archetype, documented and given a name. There are specific requirement needed for a user to name their own ability in legal documentation and many just decide to give their abilities personalized pet-names. There are many laws set to stop institutions and organizations to exploit and capitalize people's ether abilities, as well as to stop the abuse of ones ability.
The ability to use ether to defy normal.
Applied Restriction
There are many laws designed to mitigate ability related problems such as destruction of property or assault
Abilities are often seen reflecting a portion of their bearer's personality.

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