Onora Worthy

Onora Worthy

Onora Worthy is a character from the Destructus and Strife series of the Ruthless Destiny Chronicles. She is the daughter of Abel Worthy, who is lord of the Kothert province in Galibern. She is considered to be some sort of rare-breed of wyverian, lacking the traditional amber-yellow eyes and instead sporting blue eyes with white pupils, almost like a Horashian, sparking debate on whether or not there were wyverian Horashians on the now lost island of Horashio. As a capable warrior, she patrols the province and monitors for any disturbances on the Galibern-Athos border as well as participates in the yearly tournaments held in Galibern, becoming well-known and a favorite contender.

Physical Description

Body Features

(New concept)
by Shyori
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Cover image: by Ranarh
Character Portrait image: by Shyori


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