Ga'la'rious Long Range Scout

Conceived in ER 755, the Ga'la'rious is a Neshakushin  long range scout intended for scouting and reconnaissance. It was made available in ER 756 to the military.  

About Ga'la'rious

The Ga'la'rious is a small craft which was designed to serve as a long range scout for fleets and stations but also planets. It is essentially an early warning platform, with adequate onboard sensors that give it a long range of detection, this comes at the cost of having 'zero' weapons onboard, but it makes up for this with good speed and maneuverability. It is designed to be flown by one person, although removing the rear storage compartment can allow for one additional.   It's equipped with an anti-gravity system that gives it a sort of VTOL capability.  


The Ga'la'rious was created in late ER 755 by a young military aviator who felt that his people needed some way to reach out into space beyond their system, at the time they only had short-range frigates for patrol so the scout was designed to help fill a large and worrisome gap in their perimeters around their sector of space.  


  ~image here~   The scout is shaped almost like a flattened out teardrop with bulging sides, its cockpit is located toward the center of the craft while the two sides hold its sensor detection systems. Its got red markings on the hull that help give it a slightly odd look; the markings can be readily altered by flight crews for various purposes.   Located toward the rear are the ships engines, while landing skids underneath the craft allowing it to land. Additional sensor scanning equipment is located on the two sides of the craft with the access points located beneath the painted armored sections.  


  • Long range detection equipment
  • Light armor plating
  • Landing skids
  • Water-born
  • Fold-drive



The cockpit of the Ga’la’rious is dual designed for either a Shukaran or a My’leke, this is why it has such a large amount of space in the back when a Shukaran is flying it, giving the craft additional storage space for the pilot to store items. The cockpit window is designed out of a transparent composite glass that can take multiple hits before it begins to break. Because the cockpit is not pressurized, there is no worry of a sudden blowout.   Along with the above, the cockpit also has a single NSVM Medical Kit attached to the back of the pilots seat.  

Life Support

The Ga'la'rious comes equipped with an onboard systemized life support, the systems allows the pilot to remain comfortable in the cockpit during long recon patrols. There are oxygen tanks onboard with feed lines that can be feed into the pilot's armored body suit, these tanks allow for up to ten hours of oxygen although additional tanks can be stored in the ships storage compartment.  

Emergency Systems

Although no pilot ever hopes for it, the Ga'la'rious has two emergency systems. The first is a canopy ejection system, which allows the pilot to jettison the canopy in the event that their craft is heavily damaged and that it can't make it back to base or in the event they crash. The second is a locator beacon, located behind the pilot's seat, which can be engaged either manually or automatically.  


The Ga'la'rious is equipped with two fighter-designed Crena Energy Engine.  

Gravitational Maneuvering Thrusting

The Gela'rious uses the Small Gravitational Maneuvering Thrusters for maneuvering.  

FTL Core

The scouts FTL core, located in the rear between the engines, is a small circular device that exists to give the scout fold capabilities.  


Because the Ga'la'rious is designed for recon and not for combat, it is only equipped with environmental shields to protect from radiation and micro-meteors found in space.  


The scout is equipped with a high-grade quantum computer designed to operate the scout’s functions including its sensors and engines while the pilot flies the craft. A small backup computer is used for lesser craft functions.  

Landing Skids

Three pairs of skis, one located forward, and two located on the left and right of the craft, allow it to land on smooth surfaces or even on water.  


Ga'la'rious is equipped with a SC-Basic Sensor Package.  

Anti-gravity system

As is common-place on Neshaten craft, the Ga'larious is fitted with a standard anti-gravity system allowing it to take off and land vertically but also to hover in the air over a target location. Unlike on larger ships, the anti-gravity system found on small fighters allows it to float in the air no matter whether it's right-side up or upside down - it just can't float with its nose pointed directly down or directly up.  


The scout has a storage located in its left wing that can used to store spare-parts, there is a secondary storage bay located right behind the pilot that is used for storing food and water along with extra oxygen tanks and other essentials needed by the pilot.


Class Military Unarmed Scout
Nomenclature Ne-V1-A1
Type Scout
Designers Catre'Galarious
Manufacturer Shukara Volunteer Navy 
Organizations Neshakushin Empire, Shukara Volunteer Navy


Length 18 meters (59 feet)
Wingspan 7 meters (22 feet)
Height 4 meters (13 feet)


  • Atmospheric
    • Cruise 1,783 Kph
    • Max 2,832 Kph
  • Sublight Engines: .075c
  • Hyperspace Fold-Drive: .10 ly/m
  • Range: 9 light years in a single fold jump
As the Ga'la'rious lacks weaponry, it has room for an FTL Drive


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