Disabler Cannons

The Disabler is a fighter designed ion-cannon, created to help disable shuttles and small freighters when thievery and terrorism started to become a problem. It was created in ER 635.  


The Disabler is an ion weapon designed to disable enemy shields and electronics. It has two different fire modes: one is a rapid fire version designed to pepper a ship with small ion bolts; the other is a built up charge that unleashes one giant ion shot onto a target.   To accomplish this task, the cannon has a built in capacitor, used to store power when its not in use and then unleash that power to allow for rapid firing or even the charged shot. When fired, it comes out as a ball of blood-red ion's that travels to it's intended target and comes displays two different effects whether it strikes the hull or shields of its target.   Against shields, the effect is a short lived 'pop' as it spreads across like a mini-shockwave.   When striking the hull or armor of a ship, fighter, or tank, the effect is similar to lightning in the sky only instead it is lightning that spreads out from the impact point for up to a foot.  


When the Neshaten started having problems with thivery of their vessels by criminal elements and terrorist groups, they decided to look into a means of disabling a ship without actually damaging of destroying it. The Disabler was created to serve this purpose, an ion cannon capable of burning out a ships electronics to render the ship itself derelict.   The cannon was developed to be used not only on fighters but also on ground installations.
Class Weapon System
Type Energy Weapon
Designer Neshakushin Empire
Manufacture Shukara Volunteer Navy
Production Mass Production
Purpose Anti-Shields and Electronics
Rate of Fire Rapid Fire: Once every second. Charged Fire: Once every fifteen seconds.
Firing Arc Forward firing only
Payload Effectively Unlimited as long as the reactor remains active


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