Terrene Enigma

This World serves as the repository of information for all things related to the Terrene Enigma Universe. Everything, from characters, locations, buildings, technology, etc can be found on this World.   

The Universe

The Universe of Terrene Enigma is comprised of fourteen galaxies, one in the center and thirteen around. Each Galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars, each having their own civilizations. Each Galaxy is watched over by a “god”, a god in name only, but an individual that has been entrusted to look over that galaxy but to treat it however they see fit. The fourteenth Galaxy, however, is looked over by all fifteen gods of the universe and they each keep the other in check, this means that the fourteenth galaxy is the most stable of them all.
  Each Galaxy is billions of lightyears from one another, making it nigh impossible for civilizations to travel from one to the other without some form of highly advanced technology. Instead, the creator of this universe reaches into other dimensions and pulls people in - depositing them on a world carefully crafted for them to live upon.
  This universe was discovered by the Kushin when a group of their ships were torn from their universe and placed into this; a feat that they themselves are not even remotely aware and placed onto a planet, a star system, that was crafted for their people.
  It is a mystery, however, in that other galaxy's are known to exist beyond these fourteen but that no one from those has been able to reach these.  

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